Videotron, Rogers and TELUS launch the Samsung Galaxy Gear


  • Sweet

    Given that Videotron is usually the last of the major carriers to start carrying any new device, I find this news very surprising.

  • Dimitri

    They should give a discount to the ones that already bought the Note 3 from the carries if they they want to sell it. I got my Note 3 on launch day and wanted the Gear BUT not for $329.99. If they can give a discount to the ones who got the Note 3 from the carriers maybe it will sell.

    • Leo

      I’m with you. Got my Note 3 day one only to find out I couldn’t get the gear because “rogers doesn’t carry that accessory” then I was told by rogers that I should go to futureshop with my Note 3 receipt and they would honor the launch $100 off discount….which was complete BS. So lets hope they off something to existing Note 3 users

  • Nahuel

    Meh, I love my Pebble!

  • marshallpower

    Sorry but Videotron sells it for 329.95$, not 349.95…

  • hoo dat

    I don’t get the appeal of these “watches”, I really don’t. Is it that much of an effort to check your device? Do you really need to be THAT connected that you have to have a device in permanent view? Give me a real watch any day of the week, date and time is all I need. Anymore than that I’ll get my device out.

    • downhilldude

      That’s what your grandma says about cell phones. Bah! Who needs that when I can call for free, from home.

    • hoo dat

      So, because something is “new” that immediately makes it worthwhile? I’ve been using mobile devices since 1985 because I understood their utility, something that is sorely lacking in these “watches”. Seriously, what is the point of them? What function do they add? How do they make your day easier? It’s technology for the sake of technology, nothing more. Just another way for Samsung, et al, to extract even more money from your lint lined pockets.

    • downhilldude

      …and just because you don’t get it, you get to be the jury who passes sentence on this device, on behalf of the whole human race? I’ve taken phone calls on it, in my office, instead of pulling my phone off the charger, or simply because my phone wasn’t handy where I was. I also have downloaded a handful of apps, 3 of which I use regularly.

      I can’t imagine I’m the only person alive who has discovered that this device is actually useful, so I would have to suggest to you that even though you don’t see enough/any value in it, does not mean there is no market for it.

  • Trip-Out

    Well that’s great…. TELUS is selling the Galaxy Gear but my Galaxy S4 still cannot support it as they have yet to release 4.3 Firmware…. WTG TELUS!

  • d a

    LOL Too funny, you need to have your head examined if you buy this thing at that price.

    • HelloCDN

      Nobody is going to buy it, except for tech bloggers and rare enthusiasts.
      And perhaps a small amount of people who are buying Galaxy Note 3 on contract, as I believe it gives a substantial discount.