Video: LG tells the ‘design story’ of the G2

LG has uploaded a 5-minute video of the LG G2 ‘design story.’ This flagship Android is part of their new ‘premium’ Android strategy and was the first device to shed the Optimus name. The video gives a good outline of what it took to bring the G2, specifically the unique back buttons (which also doubles an app launcher and camera shutter), to life.

LG notes that ‘consumers had contradicting needs: if their eyes were calling the shots, they would make a display screen that is big as possible, but users hands also want comfort. Size versus comfort. LG settled created the G2 with a 5.2-inch display and believed that ‘the most optimal solution was to minimize the bezel… a paradigm shift in design was required.’ As for how the design of the back button was formed, LG says the ‘Rear Key’ went through rigorous testing for over a year and also embedded the backing to feel ‘smooth as ceramic.’

The LG G2 will go on sale in Canada on September 27th across a number of carriers.
Check out the video below.