Google will refund you $110 CDN if you purchased a Nexus 4 after August 11

Nexus 4 owners who purchased a device for $309 or $359 on or after August 12 and before yesterday’s price drop are eligible for a $110 credit from Google.

The company posted an update to its support page outlining that detail, and offering a web submission form that should expedite the process. Good thing, too, since Google isn’t known to have the best phone customer support.

Google dropped the price of then 8GB Nexus 4 to $199 and the 16GB version to $249 — a significant discount and one of then best deals for a smartphone, period. The Nexus 4, even without a great camera, LTE support or a large battery, is still a fantastic purchase and should be considered when looking to save some money on a 2-year contract.

Since the Big Three carriers offer a $20/month discount for customers who bring their own devices, adding a $249 Nexus 4 to a $105 6GB promotional plan brings the cost down to $85/month for unlimited talk, text and voicemail. Just a thought.


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