Rogers Mobile Work Folder app for iOS & Android now available


  • Harold Mitchell

    Wouldn’t trust them to walk my dog, never mind trust them with my data

  • Kabir Askari

    good 🙂

  • ArberBeq

    Any business that subscribes to this service shouldn’t be in business

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Hey Rogers, get your mobile usage app working properly, then we’ll see about trusting my business’s data to your new app.

    Better yet, release some current Android OS updates for your currently selling phones…I know it’s a lot to be up to date with the rest of the world. Then again, you ARE releasing a cloud app just now..that’s sooo 2011.

  • Josh Brown

    Isn’t Google Drive $5 a month for 100gb?

    • Josh Brown

      Just checked you can get 400GB for $19.99 on Google drive. Go home Rogers you’re drunk.

    • BB BB

      Yup GOOGLE drive is awesome. 30gb included with GOOGLE apps accounts.

  • Zee

    Rogers is hilarious

  • Allwayswrite

    These guys tell the best jokes….thanks Rogers, you truly are the innovators that 2009 needs….

  • HelloCDN

    Whoever is in charge of product marketing there, is probably around 60 years old… If younger, that’s even more sad…

  • BB BB

    Wow why would anyone pay for this when there is Google Drive at a fraction of the cost and double the functionality.