Facebook reportedly testing new bottom menu design for its iPhone and Android apps


  • Shane Sparky

    Seems like this would get annoying for Android users with those touch buttons so close… Apple users won’t have an issue with accidental presses thankfully.. why must Facebook change designs every 6 months… the current one works… mostly!

  • Andrew

    This looks a lot like the top menu of the Twitter app.

  • dave789

    The menu change would be nice. What would also be nice is if it kept the “Most Recent” setting…

  • Trotsky

    I’m just used so much now to have menus sliding out from left and right on my Android. Having permanent on-screen buttons just feels like they’re only porting over the iOS version.

  • Khristopher Ranger

    I’m on the beta, and it’s still the same old Facebook for me. On 4.2.1 on Galaxy Nexus.

  • Shubham Datta

    I’ve had this layout on Facebook for iPhone for a month or 2 now.

    • MrAusnadian

      Same here. My wife has the same look on her iPhone too, but without the “Friends” section

    • Shubham Datta

      Ya, mine says “requests” instead of “friends”

    • MrAusnadian

      Mine too after the most recent update. Wish they’d move the “Requests” button to the top menu. I don’t get that many requests that I need it on my screen at all times…

    • Shubham Datta

      To be honest, I’d much rather have the bottom bar disappear (like the top bar) when I’m scrolling. This gives a user an immersive full screen display to see their newsfeed. Then when the user scrolls up, both top and bottom bars would re-appear. (Check out Google+ and Pinterest, for this type of implementation.)

  • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

    What’s the point of a big screen if you have so much annoying and useless things taking all the screen size ?

    Am I the only one who cares about the damn usable screen size ? I don’t want those facebook buttons, they are good where they are now.

  • ITCanWork

    All menus should be at the bottom for all apps, that way we can hit it with the thumb, especially on our large screens 5″+ screens. Falcon Pro has an option to put the buttons at the bottom 😉

    • Jacob Bishop

      Or let us slide between the buttons by swiping

  • alamarco

    Terrible design.

    The sliding design not only looks better, but doesn’t take up any of the screen. We finally get an update that allows sliding for the side-bar and now they’re going to take it away.


  • Jordan Edwards

    I’ve had this layout for my iPhone 5 now for a few months now. I think they most be rolling it out more fully now because the updates to the web version of Facebook is starting to roll out as well.

  • Adam B

    I hate this design that Facebook decided to attach to my account… It is very intrusive and the slide in menu was much nicer. There is a whole forum page on Facebook’s website of user’s complaining to be stuck with it after months of having it.