Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion, promises not to mess with a good thing


  • NoName

    Promised not to mess this thing? I doubt it.. You have already done it in the past… How can you resist not to mess the Tumblr up if you own Tumblr? It’s almost like.. “I won’t eat cookies, but I did… soon or later.” I am sorry, but I don’t quite believe you. Besides, the definition for “faster and better” is different from your point of view and mine.

    • gnote


      “We promise not to screw it up.”
      Wow! What a vote of confidence!

      “Tumblr CEO, David Karp, has apparently committed to staying at Yahoo for four years post-acquisition and will oversee the company he has built from nothing, likely until he is satisfied it is in good hands, or regrets the ones he left it in.”
      And again… This doesn’t sound good.

      After hearing about Yahoo’s privacy issues recently, I’d stay the H-E-double hockey sticks away from anything Yahoo.

  • jackjiarocks

    Yes… Because Flicker worked out so well.

    I lost all hope of Melissa Mayer after she decided to spend $30 million buying a rich kid’s news app and its “algorithm” that have nothing except technology rented from a third party.

  • EvanKrosney

    A “good thing”?

    Tumblr: The only place on the internet where you can go from puppies to porn in under a second flat.

  • Rich

    Good purchase, but quite a valuation though. The company is valued at roughly $800 million so this a bit of a premium.

    As for Marissa Meyer, she’s done quite well as a CEO and has really started cutting the fat from Yahoo. Most of the bad rep that this company has are actually from the days before she came in — she’s been stellar.

    • Rio

      Yeah it is a premium but tumblr has HUGE potential.

      There is SOOOO much unused add space.

  • hoo dat

    Yahoo spent how much buying millions of teenage girls’ blogs???

  • kroms

    1 Billion. A few years from now the board will look at each other and wonder what the F there were thinking. This is totally dumb.