Nvidia Shield Hands-on (Video)


  • Tom

    Great concept – my only issue is that a lot of the good 3D games that fully support the gamepad are already on PC and I have them on Steam (i.e. Max Payne, older GTAs) and they run even better on my ultrabook (with a 10 hour battery) than on an ARM system. Touchscreen-only games like Angry Birds – I play on my phone. So I don’t have much reason to grab a Shield.. yet.

    If someone makes EXCLUSIVE games that match the quality of the best PSP and DS titles (i.e. Mario 64 DS, MGS Peace Walker), I’ll grab one in a heartbeat. Ok, I should’ve said PS Vita and 3DS but smartphones have seriously cannibalized sales of such things so there aren’t any really standout games on either system that I can think of.

    For those who really want a Shield right now but don’t want to fork out the $$$ – if you have an Android tablet or phone that supports USB-in with an adapter, such as the Nexus 7 or GS3, you can plug in a wired Xbox 360 controller and a lot of 3D games will immediately recognize it with full button prompts. I think the PS3 controller can work over Bluetooth as well, not sure.