Canadian Tire CTO loves the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, praises battery life


  • Ren596

    Maybe Outside of CANADA

    BUT Inside CANADA

    RIM = BlackBerry
    BlackBery = RIM

  • Yaokbuddy

    Eugene either got paid for his statement, or he’s lieing due to stock interest (and the 5% drop today) or both… Clown.

    • FuzzyFish6

      A troll on a tech blog calling a successful executive a clown. The irony lol.

    • Heyitsheins!

      Too bad you haven’t a clue who he/she is… It might surprise you who’s laughing at people who publish stories of this ilk.

  • Renaud Lepage

    How is this even news? It’s not like the Corp level of CT is massive.

    • Shensmobile

      I hate to sound like a homer, but this is technically a Canadian News website, and isn’t it just nice to support our fellow Canadian companies? It’s not very big news, true, but the amount of people that just don’t give a s**t about/actively speak down on Canadian companies like Blackberry on this site is just astounding. Just because BB had a rough past few years doesn’t mean we give up on it. How would you all feel if the Canadian government had let MDA sell itself to USA when it was nearly bankrupt, and then not have the awesome CanadArm 2 on our new $5 bills? Canadians need to support Canadian businesses.

    • Rogerssucks

      Tell that to to 5k employees they let go in order to stave off bankruptcy. People that actually made the company Canadian. Now it’s just a despot non Canadian tech company that’s about to go under.

    • johentie

      and who are u? no one? ok lets move on…

    • Renaud Lepage

      Who am I? Just some random 20K-follower-count loser doing programming for a living and essentially breathing mobile.

      I didn’t know I had to present credentials to have an opinion.

    • Supa-Dupa

      Not to mention crappytire stopped being relevant around the time walmArt came to play. That and the fact that 98% of their stuff is now dollar store Chinese junk sold at a premium.

  • Mathieu Valotaire


  • Rich

    I’m hopeful for Blackberry, but also realistic as well and know the odds are stacked.
    In any case, I’m looking forward to the upcoming Blackberry Live event in 2ish weeks that will hopefully give us some insight as to their game plan.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Can’t say I am thrilled with my battery but it’s never going to be the same as my old Blackberry with LTE, a 1.5GHz processor and a 4.3″ screen.

  • Shensmobile

    Well, it does have superior battery life. I’ve owned more smart phones than I can count, and the biggest reason I use my Z10 over my iPhone 5 is that the battery life can last me through a day at work. And if you have an office job of any sort, yes, the design is the best. It’s crazy, but my Z10 actually boosts my productivity. If I can leave work 1-2 hours early every day because my workload is accomplished because I’m faster, then yeah, I’ll take the Z10 over anything else.

    • Youlie

      No, it doesn’t. Look, if used my iPhone 5 in a limited capacity to replicate all that is ONLY possible on the z10 in the following usage pattern, I would end up with just over 2.5 days worth of use before hitting 10% battery and requiring a recharge:

      – 1 hour voice calls
      – 0.5 hours FaceTime video calls
      – 100ish SMS/iMessages
      – 50-60 emails
      – 1.5 hours web browsing including video
      – 10-20 photos taken

      This is with a jail broken device running about 50 tweaks and with screen brightness at 60%.

      The thing is, I actually use the phone for another 5-6 hours on screen time throughout the day running productivity apps, VPN connections, a few games, and still end up with 20% life at the end of the day. Entirely NOT possible on the Z10. Been there, done that.

    • CleartheAir

      2.5 half days??? ok fanboy…the fact is neither battery for the iphone 5 or the z10 is great. I think when they were talking battery life he was referring to the q10. Which would be true.

    • Heyitsheins!

      The FACT is that you obviously don’t know what the iPhone can so or not do. Your worse than the troll because your clueless on the subject. Lame response dude. Is that you heins ketchup?

    • hoo dat

      Actually, I do know the iPhone quite well. Until recently I had a 5 that we were testing for possible inclusion into our fleet. Although battery life was better than the S3 we were also testing it still lagged far behind the Z10 as per our needs. The Q10 we’re currently testing is better than anything we’ve tested in the past by quite a considerable margin.

      Here’s a question for you, HIH. If you’re so convinced of your convictions, why is it you change your ID with every thread you post on? That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in what you have to say does it?

      Don’t forget, we have a chat booked on May 1, 2015. What ID should I look for? Heyitsheins!, Ghey, Bbrysucks, or one of the myriad other pseudonyms you post under?

      *EDIT* I just noticed something, are you really replying to yourself? I noticed you did that in a least one other thread too. Is this the real reason for your multi-ID-ing? LMAO!!!

    • FuzzyFish6

      Not only is he reply to himself, but he’s using the various accounts to vote up his own posts. LOL!

      So desperate, so sad.

    • CleartheAir

      Read you response out loud….if you think it made sense it explains everything.

      PS. You are lame posting under different IDs lol You responded under a different id than you started your pointless rant with smh Get a life and stop haha..

    • Allen Sutedja

      iphone for 2.5 days? i buy that for

  • Manic Devlin

    Been using my Q10 extensively since 8 am to 10:30pm and I still got 20% left!

    • Heyitsheins!

      With the massive battery, tiny screen, and no apps, it’s entirely possible on the q10. Not the z10 however which us the argument being placed for those with add/adhd.

    • TheShader

      Once again, the difference between a business product and a toy.

      One conference call and the iPhone is @ 40% the S3 similarly (dunno about the S4 just had one short conf-call with it and went back to my Note II), However the Q10 still has juice and still can do a day’s worth of emails and call and general surfing. It’s nowhere near the longevity of the CDMA BBs (still miss the 2+ days of the BB Style), but considering the battery is NOT massive like you say, but significantly smaller than the others, it’s still good to see that they can deliver what most people in business want, which isn’t an ADHD phone that has 50 iPhart / iBeer apps.
      The Q10 does core business functions well, and that’s what this article speaks to (good battery, good security, and good fit for their intended market/user).

  • ryan

    As a Canadian I can truely say this company is sad – RIM. They release the same set of underpowered phones amd software that barley catches up to android and ios. It sucks having to hear the ooos and aahs for the next few months about RIM – wait until 2014 comes around – they’ll lose more market share to ios and android and even windows 8 only this time they’re not at 17%. And tablets are a fad? Yah Thorsten – tablets are just a fad? They aren’t netbooks as the software environment is whats changing with the hardware this time around- mark my words RIM has 3 years amd they’re gone!

    • Timmy

      2 months, 6 months, 8 months, 14 months, 1.5 years, 2 years, now 3 years enough with the BS “Death” numbers we get it , you don’t like Blackberry GOOD FOR YOU! the thing is the rest of us don’t care

    • CleartheAir

      The ol “RIM IS GONE IN (INSERT YEARS) rant” Clowns like you have been predicting they have been “gone” for the last 2 years. Now you have a random 3 year window. Blackberry will never get where they once were but clowns like you make me laugh

    • FuzzyFish6

      As a Canadian? Or do you mean “as a closed minded fool who don’t understand that different people have different needs”?

  • CleartheAir

    Both irrelevant??…but you took time out your day to comment on two “irrelevant” companies…what does that make you lol

    • FuzzyFish6

      Can anyone tell me why anyone would want to waste their time being a troll on tech blogs?

      I never understood this. :/

    • Heyitsheins!

      Worse could be said about someone asking questioned like this on the same tech blog there lilfuzzy.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Why? Because I browse stories that interest me as opposed to wasting my time and trolling on articles that I have zero desire to care about?

      Having multiple accounts just to troll is pretty amusing too, I wonder if you put such dedication into other facets of life lol.

  • Aiden

    I know all my friends that have Z10’s absolutely love them, and I know a few that are chomping at the bit to get the Q10. I hope Blackberry can stay afloat and not die because that would be a real shame. More companies competing in the smartphone business means better phones.

  • PT

    Honestly, I have not see even 1 person that using BB Z10 nor Q10 as yet. Anyone?

  • Stephen

    Yay canuck rubber commenting on cellphones