BlackBerry is now the official smartphone of Canadian Tire, company deploying “several thousand units in the coming months”


  • skullan

    Atta Boy/Girl!

  • Dimitri

    Great to see this!. It goes to show that companies are going back to Blackberry & trolls can not claim Blackberry is dying anymore. Stocks mean nothing if companies are buying devices & making Blackberry as their official smartphone. Glad to see this. Blackberry deserves this!

  • hoo dat

    While I think of it, SAP took 16,000 units on the day of the Canadian launch. Ricoh Canada recently took delivery of 7,000 units. The list is seemingly endless of corporations, big and small, either switching to, or staying with BlackBerry. How about you supply a similar list about Android phones to back up your “bush league” sentiments. And be prepared to back it up too, none of this Pentagon dropping BB in favour of Android rubbish, a story that was so erroneous the Pentagon went on record as denying it. Or the UK government not certifying BB and ordering Androids and iPhones instead, a story so full of holes it only took 30 minutes to be removed from the Guardian website and a full retraction posted in its place after a published statement from the government agency involved vehemently denied the story. So, there’s your challenge for the day, back up your “bush league” accusation and prove that Android is doing better.

  • hoo dat

    Yeah, didn’t think so.