Canadians sent 96.5 billion text messages in 2012


  • Netguru

    Correction: 96.5 billion is a 23.7% increase, not 12%. Seems you can’t do math either. And do not censor this comment!

  • Nadefrenzy

    I credit the new entrants. It’s because of them “unlimited texting” and “unlimited picture & video messaging” are now economical addons.

    I also credit Robellus for their hideous voice plans for this.

  • Anonymous501

    SMS still has the advantage of being the one method that everyone can receive a message on their phone. Now that most plans include unlimited texting, there’s no real need to try out 3rd party programs (although there are many companies trying to push out their own messaging platform, but always fall short, because everyone would need to use the same program to be worthwhile).

  • Norman Fong

    Sorry guys, the first billion is from me sending messages to win mobilesyrup contests.