Rumour: LG to produce the next Google Nexus smartphone


  • jellmoo

    I’m happy that LG is getting another crack at it (they put out a much nicer handset than Samsung did), but am irritated at the rumoured 5.2 inch screen. Unless they go crazy at bezel reduction, I really don’t want to see a bigger device.

    • AMbro86

      Yeah I agree. I like the look of the bigger screen, but the size is a bit unwieldy. Now if they go for mm thin bezels then it wouldn’t be so bad.

    • Ugslick

      Classically LG has been pretty good with slimmer bezels than the competition… This will be interesting for sure. I think LG is the ideal Nexus partner. They like to push hardware spec wise and they can make a simplistic beautiful device.. and they are only getting better at a very fast rate over the past year. Cant wait for the G2 and Nexus 5.


    If only Google had their own hardware company…

    • Ken K.

      Never heard of Motorola?


      Unfortunately Sarcastica isn’t a common font yet.

    • Eduardo

      You know that’s not a real font, right?!

  • Ken K.

    That is ridiculous specs. Nexus 4 is just an awesome device. Best since the original Nexus One!

  • AvgJoe

    Hahahaha………… too.

  • Daniel Pogue

    That is the most beautiful spec sheet I have seen. I don’t care to much about it being LG but oh man those specs make me smile.

  • PT

    Why don’t Google uses Motorola to make their own Nexus. LG is not reliable product.

    • Walter

      I believe Motorola has their own road map of devices before Google bought them. Once those devices are released then you should see a Motorola device that has Google’s finger prints on it.

    • AMbro86

      I would like to see a Motorola Nexus device, but I have no issue with LG at the moment. I wasn’t impressed with LG’s dumb phones from years past as they always crapped out right at two years, making upgrade essential instead of a nice perk. But the age of smartphones has changed things a lot since then. I’d be willing to give LG another shot. If they disappoint then though I’m not likely to go back.

    • TouchMyBox

      Google is being ultra-conservative with their motorola acquisition since they don’t want to be seen as giving preferential treatment to a specific OEM, whereas I imagine everyone can bid to make the next nexus device if they’re so inclined.

  • chris

    I’m pumped for the battery alone.

  • Vallhalen

    5,2” ? Goddamnit… MAX 5 please!

  • Aiden

    Wow, those specs are incredible. I’d surmise that the price point would be a tad higher than what the Nexus 4 debuted at, but it would be worth it for that kind of phone for sure.

  • kirilmatt

    Those specs *drools*

  • Azix

    no microSD might mean a pass. Had a nexus 4 and traded for an Optimus G. Miss the software benefits, but needed my microSD. If it has USB OTG, maybe.

    • Plazmic Flame

      With Android, having a microSD slot is vital. I only found out recently that apps can’t be stored to the SD card anymore. So the storage of the device becomes that much more important.

    • AMbro86

      I know! I recently tried moving apps to my SD card because I was getting a low space message. But then I found out that ICS+ no longer supports moving apps to the SD card. Seeing as I have 16 GB of internal storage and a 16 GB card I thought space wasn’t an issue…but now in realizing the limitations of my current storage set up. I can still use the card for media storage, but apps make up the majority of the space used so this is very disappointing.

  • kevin c

    Seems each hardware partner gets two years at it.

    The first G.E.D. device was the HTC G1 (before the Nexus brand existed), that was followed by the HTC Nexus One.
    Samsung had the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus.
    LG has the N4, and (presumably) the N5.
    I’m guessing Motorola gets the following two.

    • AMbro86

      If they are following that logic then I hope you’re right!

    • dracos

      I agree with you but I hope we are wrong, like Ford’s I hate the models they been putting out

  • Jonathan G.

    a 5.2 inch screen? I don’t want that. That screen size is just to big for my liking. if it was a 4.8 inch screen with those specs; that would be perfect!

  • Plazmic Flame

    3,300 mAh battery?! I approve of this nexus device and will buy!!

  • roman129

    Performance is fine, even on current phones.
    The only specs that still matter are battery life and camera. Both things none of the Nexus phones get right.

  • hunkyleepickle

    I think I just went from six to midnight with that news, just charge 499$ unlocked, and I’ll be first in line. Screen size is a bit big, bit I would take it over whatever carrier locked 700$+ touchwiz crap will be peddled at that time.

  • jonny

    i wont be buying it. i got the nexus 4 and I find it to be very poor quality. the speaker is horrific and pretty much unusable its so quiet and low quality. The camera sucks and is much worse than my nexus S. The touch screen isnt so great – sometimes I have to touch many times before it recognizes my touch. and i absolutely hate the menu bar (tho that is probably google not lg). The settings button on the menu bar is too tiny and i always accidentally hit the button beside it instead. The old menu bar was much better.

    and the way the phone is designed, you cant use the speaker if the phone is laying on its back or its completely sealed off….so I have to hang it off the edge of something so the speaker is not covered.

    Samsung may use cheap plastic for the outside, but they make better quality devices. Its like LG uses higher quality ingredients to make it look like its a better device, but they do a much worse job putting it together.

    And I wont be buying another phone that doesnt have a sd card (unless it has minimum 32 gigs onboard).

    • hunkyleepickle

      no offence, but why is the external speaker on your cell phone so high on your bullet list?!

    • Brian

      ive had the nexus s and now have the nexus 4, i dont know what your complaining about, speakers are on the back of both and no sd card with 16 gb , no surprize there.. Once i put a quality cover on my phone i never see my outside of my phone again anyways, so it could be made from any material, all phones break if it dropped hard enough. As for the menu’s ,no problem again.

  • EvanKrosney

    Hopefully production moves a little faster this time though.

  • Steve

    I think this i more of a dream list than anything. I thought the snapdragon wasnt going to be in phones until early 2014 and nexus’s usually get released in november

  • Jason Nexus

    Rip galaxy s4. I currently have a nexus 4 and since yolo I will be getting nexus 5. Lg will go down in history as the best Nexus developer ever

  • leobg

    5.2″? Looks like this will be the first Nexus I’ll pass on… Stick with <5 inch please!

  • ChrisPollard77

    All I ask, for the love of God and all things technological, is PLEASE do NOT give us another flat glass back! Not unless you’re going to move the speaker(s) to the front of the phone, or shoot sound out the bottom. It’s really hard to change songs when it has to lie face down in order to hear it. Then there’s the fragility of the back glass thing …

  • rockman29

    5.2 inch display?

    Will be selling my Nexus 4 for this then, no issue 🙂

  • TouchMyBox

    Well, those rumoured specs are pretty much the perfect phone, though I suppose the screen might be a bit too big for some. Seeing as nexus phones have no buttons on the face, I would imagine that it wouldn’t be any bigger than the current crop of 5 inchers.

  • ofutur

    The Nexus are the only LG devices worth getting since LG is not involved in the software 😉

  • David

    The Note II is 5.55″, just wanted to clarify that.