Update: Winner announced in our TELUS BlackBerry Q10 Contest!


  • Rich

    Please and thank you.

  • Manic Devlin


    • Manic Devlin

      Wow thank you so much, I sent email email with my details!

    • Guest

      Awesome! Way to go man. Very glad it’s going to someone whose going to enjoy the phone! 🙂

  • Jacob

    Awesome phone. Can’t wait to get one!

  • David Ng

    Bring it on MS!

  • petertinh

    i want it.

  • Gsizzle

    Gimme Gimme Gimme!

  • S2556

    MS you guys are awesome with the giveaways

  • EvanKrosney

    I miss the days of the physical QWERTY, I could definitely go for this.

  • Andrew P.

    I’d love to have a Q10

  • bigshynepo

    Loved the build quality when checking this phone today, blackberry fans will love it!

  • Chamberland Martin


    Thanks !! 🙂

  • Jiro G.

    It’s the coenzyme Q10 of smartphones! And Blackberries, all good for your health!

  • Marc Young

    I’d probably give it to my sister if I won. Her BB is on its last legs.

  • Aydreean


  • Karla

    I follow and retweeted on twitter (@ksceviour),like on facebook (Karla Sceviour) and join on google + (Karla Sceviour) Thanks for the chance to win ! 🙂

  • Plazmic Flame

    I am a Twitter follower already, do I still need to retweet this contest?

  • Scott Vargas

    Tweeted! Ya

  • Pete Fontaine

    gimme one

  • Joey C


  • alphabit

    Thanks for the great offer!!! Good Luck all!

  • Graham Fluet


  • ramih2085

    hello i want it 🙂

  • Ulysses

    I read and hear a lot of good things about the Q10. My friend just got a Z10 but I want to wait till the Q10 price drop. I am really excited about this especially that Skype is already available on Blackberry. Just waiting for Viber to release the voice version on Blackberry. This is going to be perfect! 🙂

  • Ra’id Ahmed Ismail

    Wow let’s do this!

  • rich

    Please I would like to win

  • Zafeer

    Would love to upgrade from my 9700! Q10 seems like the way to go 🙂

  • Ashok Soni

    Thank you.. 🙂

  • Jeff Tavares

    I want this!!

  • Issac C


  • Norman Fong

    Good Luck All

  • fruvous

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Jay

    Saw it today and I like it but what we getting for the money is still not enough!!!

  • Richard D Hall

    This unit would really solve the problem.

  • g. leong

    nice phone

  • Dennis

    Oh I want this

  • Krys

    MEEEEE :):)

  • KevvyGP

    Hey hey hey, my keyboard’s back!

  • Kim


  • therealphil8

    id like to get one, please please please!

  • Philippe Trépanier

    I want this instead of my Htc One v 😉

  • Joseph Cacoilo

    If you do win, do you get an email telling you? Just curious

  • Marx Corpuz


  • Ann-Louise Winter

    Awesome contest! I’m a physical keyboard lover despite the awesomeness of the Z10. I do 80% messaging (BBM, email, text, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype) and the Q10 ‘s incredibly organized UI will really make my day fly! The Time Shift camera and solid professional build of the Q10 are a real plus! Please let me win!

  • JohnnyDoubles


  • Artur Iatsko

    I want one

  • Mae

    Yes! Do want.

  • Eric J

    please and thank you

  • Iman Roy

    Just like on facebook is fine?

  • Daryle Henry

    My birthday is May 16th. Just sayin.

  • rvichar

    Best keyboard in the business! Come to pappa!

  • Taeyeon

    do want

  • SeanM

    I’m in

  • AP 

    I need it for my girlfriend! She deserves it so much 😉

  • kushal baksi

    now black is the color….n once more we r d blackberry boyzzzz

  • Steven H.

    I’ve retweet, thanks.

  • Osama Elgabry


  • Thinkoutsidethebox41

    Pick me I would love to have a Blackberry Q10

  • Bonny Mahesha Williams

    Telus….How to win this beautiful BB Q10

  • Ariel C

    yes please!

  • therealphil8

    i’d love to win one!

  • Fernando Rangel Rodriguez


  • Lukeiphone

    Please let me win!

  • Megalink

    Liked & Tweeted

  • Osama Elgabry

    woooooooooooooooooow fantastico

  • Andrew

    Woot! Entered the contest!

  • Guest

    thanks for the chance to win the latest technology

  • anthony feliciano

    Why not? I’ll take one.

  • Manic Devlin

    I never win anything.

  • Yuvin

    I hope I win.. Wanna try this device out!

  • Kelvin Chee

    Pssssst, hey, yea you, Mobile Syrup, can I hazz phone?

  • N2fw

    come on big money

  • C.N.

    Oh me! Pick me

  • PC

    Would love one! Heard it’s the best BlackBerry ever!

  • lori b

    this would e sweet

  • Avinash Kumar

    I have entered numerous giveaways and won nothing yet 🙁
    This is gonna be my last try..
    Hope for the best 🙂

  • Eljay Sinahon

    me me give me this!!!!!

  • Todd Moore


  • Ивайло Трифонов

    Cool device!

  • disqus_RjGtGXqnIX

    I would love try their new interface and the software

  • Don

    I’m ready to try one out!

  • Richie_Peterson

    Doesnt anyone find it a LITTLE bit suspect that the WINNER of the Q10 is also a Blackberry tweeter? 90% of his posts are Blackberry related and also his first person he followed on twitter is… Yup you guessed it… MOBILE SYRUP!!
    I give my post about 10 minutes before deleted by admins.

    • EvanKrosney

      I won a Z10 in the last MS contest, and I’ve never once tweeted from a BlackBerry, or even about BlackBerrys for that matter. Go ahead and check out my Twitter, and even FaceBook and G+.

      It’s totally random. Don’t call it “fixed” just because you didn’t win this time around.

  • staceydempsey

    hmm I thought I had already entered this but I dont see my comment so I follow on twitter @roswello and tweeted I already follow on facebook and google plus Stacey Dempsey GREAT

    • Osama Elgabry

      you already won htc

  • Hamza Gillani

    thnx for this great gift . i will tell about to any aone on fb . if u intrested in me so send me this gift