Heins will apparently give an update on tablet plans at BlackBerry Live


  • bembol

    IMO it’s the best tablet released. I would still have it but I’m invested in iTunes (TV Shows & Movies, protected) and of course Apps. 🙁

    Swipe-from-the-Bezel is AMAZING, the reason why I love it and a TRUE Multitask. I wish android & iOS would COPY this feature, I love that I can wake it up from sleep by swiping the screen.

    • FlamesFan89

      My father bought one when they were first released, and I have had a fair amount of time playing with it. It is a VERY solid device. Most of the time, I think people that discount them, have never actually used one. They did a LOT of things right with the Playbook.

    • Eduardo

      Unfortunately, convincing devs of releasing GOOD apps wasn’t one of them.

    • omegajimes

      I impressed a friend of mine by playing a 1080p video on my playbook, mirroring it to a big screen tv then recording a 1080p video, and swiping over to play a game. Not bad for a $100 tablet.

    • Yermumma2

      You are a fool to think that. It’s one of the slowest pieces of turd ever released. Coupled with zero apps and the da t that its been discontinued at every major retailer proves its garbage. People can’t even sell the 16gb wifi version for $60 on kijiji.

  • Varroa

    I had one and really liked it. The hardware was sound and the OS was great. It wast he lack of apps that killed them. I couldn’t even get a decent google chat client without having to pay for a crappy one.

  • William Worlde

    I just read the quoted update and all I can say is, “Wow!”. That is some kinda heavy statement to make. It’s hard to think that the tablet will not exist in 5 years.

    @Hardy: As a technical writer, what are your thoughts on this?

    • hoo dat

      Actually, if you read the whole article he doesn’t actually say the tablet will be dead in 5 years, he simply says its use will change as phones become more advanced in mobile computing applications and we’ll become less reliant on tablets as business tools.

  • Plazmic Flame

    He made those comments because BlackBerry is making a range of devices this year and the next which will attract those who aren’t in need of a tablet all the time. Tablets are definitely in the workspace, no doubt about that.

    I think what is coming down the pipeline is a QWERTY phablet… This will be huge. It will combine the best of both worlds and with the larger screen will provide the ability to create.

  • hoo dat

    Interesting you should say that but I’m a big fan of the PlayBook. Yes, it was a bit of a rough start but the machine matured very nicely into a very usable tool. I travel a lot and part of my job is doing presentations. Not only can I present PPT and/or video presentations using a PlayBook and my 9900 as a remote, but I can create and edit them on the tablet itself. In fact, hooking the PlayBook up to the hotel’s TV and reviewing and editing via Bridge Bluetooth using the physical keyboard on my phone to edit or create on a larger screen is genius!

    • hoo dat

      How on earth did you come to the conclusion as to how my tablet performs? You don’t even know about how I use it 90% of the time, I merely pointed out how I use it for a specific function of my job. My tablet not only works, it works superlatively. All files I create are compatible with Windows programs such as Office or Works, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, so why should I change? Also, my company’s not likely to switch to WP anytime soon, either. I also can’t stand Windows 8 so how is switching to a Surface or Surface RT going to benefit me? Windows 8 is the primary reason I never use my work laptop and either use my personal Windows 7 (while in the office) or my PlayBook (travelling). There is absolutely no benefit to me switching to a Windows anything and I’m not going to change just for changes sake.

  • ChrisPollard77

    My guess … he’s alluding to a BlackBerry mini pc – like all those Android mini pcs out there. Little computer box with output to your existing screens. I have an Android stick at home, and it’s pretty much taken over the living room. Wireless keyboard and mouse, Netflix, YouTube, full browser, even games. And it pulls something like 5 watts average. Peaks around 35. Have it powered by the USB port on my cable box – which is already on anyway! Now IF that’s the idea for BB, they’re in for some shock. Android OWNS this space already – with full Play Store support.

  • Superion

    5 years is an eternity in Tech. 5 years ago BlackBerry was king of the hill with the Bold 9000 and the iPhone was still just beginning to catch on an Android did not exist in the consumer space at all.

    So maybe he’s right about 5 years from now. But the thing is, for the next couple years at least, Tablets ARE an important segment of the mobile market. So overlooking them now for the sake of some possible future where we don’t need them is foolish and I hope that he does plan on BlackBerry continuing to play a role in the tablet space