Update: Skype (Preview) now available to download for the BlackBerry Q10, Dev Alpha C


  • Xelstyle

    Another huge +1 for Blackberry. The arguments against them are growing smaller each day.

    Now if only the Playbook gets updated sooner than later…

    • hoo dat

      BB10 on PlayBook won’t happen until closer to the end of the year, they have 4 more devices to launch between then and now and their resources are focused on those.

  • BlackBerryBlink

    Love it… Here we go.. should have been here awhile back but better late than never.

  • Sweet

    Errr…BB isn’t a carrier. 🙂

  • Sweet

    Good point. Now that I’m with Mobilicity, my plan includes unlimited long-distance calls to anywhere in Canada and the US. So I hardly use Skype anymore.

  • TomsDisqusted

    What’s wrong with an Android version? Android was designed as a portable run-time that can run on any OS that has the necessary features and characteristics. So it’s not like its native to Linux and hacked onto BB10 – it functions the same way on BB10 as it does on Linux.

    The only issues are ones that anyone can see and judge for themselves: the integration with the rest of the UI.

    Given how hard it is to establish a new platform, I think BB was very smart to recognize this opportunity and execute it so well.

  • can trin

    @ Collin William – Clearly you are an isheep and afraid of the great BB comeback. What is wrong with an andriod port? They work perfectly and might I add..Skype (Microsoft) worked with BB to ensure that the app works flawlessly on BB10 devices. Crawl back under your rock…oh by the way..Apple stock is still hovering at about $401.00 as I write this..while BBRY is up another 3%..

  • WP74Life

    WP ?

  • WhoCares1000

    I’m on a Z10 and it says “The item is not available for your selected device.” 🙁

    • hoo dat

      It’s coming, for some reason they want to launch it on the Q10 first.

    • taylor

      my guess is it needs 10.1 to work, which wont be out right away for the z10

  • Jonathan Cohen

    I just tried to download Skype on my Blackberry Z10 and it says “unavailable for this device”.

  • pierre

    The sideload of kijiji app from android works flawlessly

  • Mythos88

    Skype is responsible for 25% and rising of the world’s long distance minutes now.

  • Twonald

    you know what is way better than Skype? Google hangout. serioulsy, the quality of video calls on Skype is so piss-poor i don’t know why people still use it.