Pre-Owned BlackBerry Z10 now available at TELUS for $500


  • Stephen

    lol surprise. Influx of returned device from lack of customer satisfaction. Probably a bunch are warranty repairs as well, they already have enough inventory to supply the country with these things after only a few months – tells you a lot about the repair and return rate.

    • BlackBerryBlink

      You did see the last part about iPhone 5’s, Note II’s and Galaxy S III’s right? Nothing to say about those devices? Those were also offered pre-owned after 2 months just so we’re clear. Any rebuttal or you just wanna troll cuz ur hater??

    • Doug Bolster

      yeah, all those pre-owned iPhone 5s and Galaxy S III’s must be from all the high returns and dissatisfaction too. No pre-owned HTC status’s available though, must have been a sweet phone that people want to hang on to, lol.
      In all seriousness the pre-owned availability could have to do with the volume sold, which is good news for BB.

    • Thurnis

      It took quite a while before Telus had preowned iPhone 4S, 5, Galaxy S3, Note 2 available. It took just two months for the Z10.

    • BlackBerryBlink

      Actually if you look back the iPhone 5 was offered in December (article on MobileSyrup.. i’d post the link but the moderators removed the first comment.) So 3 months instead of 2 and a half is a huge difference… Facts, they’re great at proving points I learned.

    • Stephen

      That’s because BBs are garbage and have a much higher return/defect rate.

  • Plan Shopper

    I’d spend the extra $50 (would and did) to get a new one. If I wanted a previously tried model, I would look at KIJIJI first.

  • EvanKrosney

    The Z10’s a great phone, but honestly I’d rather save $50 and get a Note 2.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    Why would you buy a “pre-owned” BlackBerry Z10 from Telus for $500 while you can get a brand new BlackBerry Z10 from Virgin Mobile Canada for $549.99 + taxes

    • Manbo

      because the average consumer doesn’t shop around… and that’s why they miss deals like that.

  • Jay

    Like the Z10 but don’t like the price at all