Samsung may launch a waterproof, ruggedized Galaxy S4 this year

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is on its way to consumers very shortly, but for some people the most popular Android device on the planet is missing something essential: waterproofing. According to a Samsung executive, Young Soo Kim, the company will release a ruggedized version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 later this year, which will be both water- and dustproof.

Earlier this year, Sony announced that its flagship Xperia Z smartphone would be waterproof and dust proof, but that version never made it to Canada. Companies have instead released low- to mid-range Android devices like the Sony Xperia go and Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE to fill that gap.

It’s unlikely the west will see a ruggedized GS4, if it does exist, as the demand is likely too low to justify the distribution and marketing costs. It will be interesting to see, however, whether Samsung merely places a hardier back cover on the device and covers the ports or if it will opt for an entirely new design. Then again, the whole thing could be a fake, so we’re not holding our breath.

Source: Techview
Via: AndroidAuthority