Samsung may launch a waterproof, ruggedized Galaxy S4 this year


  • jdjd

    And Samsung does what they do best, copy another smartphone

    • RoboBonobo

      *IF* making a waterproof phone is copying, then the Xperia Z is a copy of the Galaxy Rugby Pro.

    • RoboBonobo

      That’s true. They both have had waterproof Androids since before this year’s newest ones. Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Rugby’ came out before Sony’s ‘Xperia Go’ though; so what? Sony’s a copycat? No because there’s way more to a device than any single feature.

    • Gitarooman

      I remember seeing some xperia water proof phone from 2011 ads, but those were for JP only

  • Henry

    Dumb comments so far. Since Motorola made the first cell phone Sony and Apple and everybody are copying Motorola right? Seriously it’s a feature…

  • JaysonF

    Sony sucks tho…

  • RoboBonobo

    Sorry guys, but Sony Xperia Z wasn’t the first waterproof phone. I was holding out on getting the Galaxy Rugby Pro because I had a feeling this would happen. Great news. Hope this comes to Canada.

  • RoboBonobo

    Their own way? Samsung has been making waterproof Android phones since before Sony made the Xperia Z.

    • RoboBonobo

      The Xperia Ray gets water-damaged if you submerge it (it’s only water ‘resistant’), and the Xperia Go came out after the Galaxy Rugby (Smart) which was waterproof. Xperia Z came out after the Galaxy Rugby LTE, for the LTE generation phones.
      The point is that the Xperia Z wasn’t breaking any new ground with its ‘waterproof’ feature. Plus there’s been waterproof phones since before Android. Another point is just because it has a same feature doesn’t make it a copy, especially if the ‘copy’ turns out to be a better product in the end.

  • Eric

    i thought the first one was the sony ericsson xperia active…just because the active wasn’t in canada and the samsung rugby was, it doesnt means it was the first…

    • RoboBonobo

      That’s water-‘resistant’ which means something totally different than certified waterproof. If you submerge it then it might get ruined.

    • patrick

      i submerged my sony and its not ruined…

    • Guest

      Your ‘Xperia Active’? It was only claimed as ‘water-resistant’ on the official website, with no mention of certification, which doesn’t seem like Sony has much confidence in it’s abilities.

  • dont worry about it

    it’s called leveraging not copying get it right and don’t be hating, just shows that you are jealous because Samsung “copied” sony’s idea and still does better than sony just because they have the same idea and same feature doesn’t mean one copied off of the other

  • bigshynepo

    Why can’t mobile phones receive the same drop/crush proofing that cameras get?
    Many “ruggedized” point-and-shoot cameras come with a degree Drop protection.

    Is it a conspiracy by phone manufacturers to reduce hardware lifespans?

    The Sony TX20 has 5 ft drop proof protection coupled with a 3″ screen, this tech should be available in phones already. Strangely, despite the Sony Xperia Z having water and dust proofing, the drop proofing is no where to be found.

    A truly drop and scratch proof phone will rule the marketplace.

  • Mushdagrt

    Lmao…so sammy is going to come out with a more durable s4 & htc is releasing a htc one with dual sim,removable battery & micro sd slot overseas ….smh…how about getting the s**t right the first time…