Bell puts the BlackBerry Q10 up for pre-order, $199.95 on a 3-year


  • EvanKrosney

    Very true; however nowadays there’s more competition and options. We have prepaid, or carriers like WIND whose plans aren’t meant to subsidize phone prices.

  • Sweet

    Trolls are trolls and sheep and sheep, regardless of the brands.

  • Sweet

    People who want a physical keyboard will not go for the S4. For those people, there’s only one choice: BB, which is probably one reason why BB can charge more for the Q10 than the Z10. The more people want it the more the company will charge them for it.

    • Giovanni64

      The Z10 keyboard has a Swiftkey engine; and the touchscreen has a heat sensor that remembers where your fat fingers usually hit the letter, and maps the key there. It adapts to your style… even the word suggestions.
      The Q10 won’t have the same exact features obviously.

      The Q10 is a nice looking phone, but I never wanted qwerty phones with small screens; and previous BB touchscreens like Torch or Storm weren’t so good compared to other brands. The Z10 is the first BB phone I chose to buy because it’s fast and easy to use but flexible (no need to jailbreak). I get the best of what iPhone or Android offer + the tools and the efficiency and refinements BB is famous for (it’s not just the KB). I know, the app store still sucks even with 100,000 apps… but I had a feature phone before so I don’t mind waiting for a while. But I found the essential apps needed and side-loaded a few (not all worked) I couldn’t find.

    • Monji

      I think you don’t really know what android has to offer then,,, You can’t compare open sourced to closed. BB is so limited in term of everything. Had a blackberry before and I’m never going back. My friend just got the Z10 and it just sucks battery doesn’t last half a day and there’s just no apps. The keyboard isn’t worth the sacrifice. You don’t need to jailbreak or root any since the out of the box performance is so good from iOS and Android…

    • anjew

      its not the same… i could type entire messages without looking at the screen with my old BB.

    • phreezerburn

      Seriously? Google’s chairman is soon to be sporting the Q10 so I guess it’s either he hasn’t seen Swiftkey or isn’t impressed enough to switch.

    • Monji

      He wants to see what the competition has to offer, microsoft uses iPads in their office too (:

  • Sweet

    I suspect it has to do with the fact that when it comes to smartphones with a physical keyboard, the Q10 will be the only choice. And those who want a physical keyboard are absolutely die-hard about it and will not consider anything else. I guess what I’m saying is that BB effectively has a monopoly on smartphones with physical keyboards and they may be exploiting that.

    • phreezerburn


  • Giovanni64

    Good for you, the S4 is a great looking phone… you should know what you want.

    Personally I don’t support Samsung, and wouldn’t give them $200:

    Samsung was caught paying Korean students and employees to bash HTC one on the net and now they are going to court in Taiwan. How could you trust anybody supporting Samsung now? you could be one of those students.

    “Samsung has the government in its hands,” Lee Jung-hee, a liberal presidential
    candidate with virtually no chance of winning, said in a nationally televised debate. “Samsung manages the legal world, the press, the academics and bureaucracy.”

    “Samsung has obstructed price-fixing investigations — drawing only minor fines — and seen its chairman Lee Kun Hee indicted for financial crimes, only to receive a presidential pardon “in the national interest,” as a government spokesman put it.”

    “Samsung elbows into new industries, knocking out smaller businesses, limiting
    choices for Korean consumers and sometimes colluding with fellow giants to fix prices while bullying those who investigate.”

  • T-dawg

    I’m 21 and I’m stoked for it.

    • Stephen

      Sorry to hear it

    • Ann-Louise Winter

      I see more 80-year-olds with iPhones and feature phones just sayin’. Probably because they’re simple so newbies have little trouble. The Q10 is for the power user – someone who has a busy life and wants to get things done now.

  • Giovanni64

    @google-2cf6edc6ecc1c194ed64dbfea33b83b6:disqus Smartphone contracts in Canada are more expensive than most countries in the world. Older people on fixed incomes can’t afford all the extras so stay with feature phones.

    The UK and most other European countries have much much much better cell phone contracts deals than over here, or the US: retired people can actually afford to own smartphones.

  • Monji

    The Note 2 can charge other phones (:

  • anjew

    i agree

  • kroms

    I’m so tired about hearing ” Physical Keyboard” ! this is just BS. You people who try to convince others that a Physical KB is better then an Onscreen one are just full of it.

    Having used both the onscreen KB’s offer much more options and are faster to use then the old physical KB of yesterday. I can swipe text much faster then you can type on a physical KB. This is like people trying to convince others that typewriters are supperior to a Keyboard. Just Nonsense. Besides eventually you wont need to type anymore. As technology gets better Voice will replace the need to type with keys.

  • udnaan

    Stop screwing around BB and switch to Android already.