Evernote 5.0 launches for Android, introduces new camera features, Moleskin support and further incentivizes its Premium subscription

Evernote has released a much-needed update to its Android app, bringing it relatively in line with its iOS counterpart for features. It has received a spit shine, with UI and performance improvements peppered throughout. It still maintains the controversial left-slide navigation system, which performs poorly on most Android devices I’ve installed the app on.

Main improvements to version 5.0 include Page Camera, which allows you to record and digitize physical documents, interpreting their contents using OCR. Page Camera also works with the Smart Notebook by Evernote, which launched last year for iOS. The book has specially-formatted pages that are easy for the camera to interpret and digitize, so you can keep your physical notes for ever and ever. It may seem to defeat the purpose of Evernote, but physical media is still a huge part of many peoples’ lives.

Evernote Premium, which costs $45/year, has also been fleshed out in the Android version by allowing users to search within attached office documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

New to Android, too, is the ability to store shortcuts to your favourite notes, notebooks and tags on your home screen.

Download Evernote for Android.

Via: Evernote Blog