HTC North America boss claims there is “no innovation” in the Galaxy S4 design


Not that we saw it happening any differently, but HTC has gone on the offensive since the announcement of the Galaxy S4, dismissing its design and lack of innovation. Mike Woodward, the president of HTC in North America, had some choice words to say about the newly-launched device, emphasizing how much better constructed the One is than the competition. “It feels very iterative,” referring to the Galaxy S4 design.

The HTC One is made from a combination of machined aluminum and high-density polycarbonate; each handset takes upwards of 200 minutes to create, and the premium feel and finish can be detected the second you pick it up. In contrast, the Galaxy S4, while certainly more solid than the GS3, is made of plastic and feels less dense than the One. Samsung claims the plastic chassis actually masks scratches and dents and makes it far easier to repair than a metal device.

As for the Galaxy S4’s software, Woodward called many of the new features ‘gimmicky’, focusing on the One’s small crop of important upgrades, such as the Ultrapixel camera, BoomSound speakers and low-friction Sense software. We’re currently reviewing the One and like the minimalism of Sense 5.0, but there are concerns at both camps.

Source: Business Insider
Image Source: YouTube