Frank & Oak launches iPhone app in conjunction with Toronto-based Xtreme Labs

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Frank & Oak has launched an iPhone app for its clothing portal in conjunction with Toronto-based Xtreme Labs.

The Montreal-based clothing outfit designs, produces and delivers its line for men, and sells it exclusively online to cut down on overhead. iPhone users can experience the same features as on the website, including the latest monthly “Issue,” a themed batch of shirts, sweaters, jackets and pants that matches the time of year and what’s currently trendy. The company recently raised $5 million in Series A funding and has over 200,000 members across the country.

With a low-friction business model, including membership in a Hunt Club that allows users to try on and return up to three items per month based on the latest Issue, appeals to men who dislike retail shopping. Every purchase earns the member credit that can be used towards future items. The company’s motto is to “remov[e] all the work and hassle from shopping,” according to Ethan Song, co-founder and CEO.

The iPhone app is launching with a 20% off coupon to drum up support – “iFrank20” – and some mobile-exclusive specials.

Download Frank & Oak for iPhone.

Via: Frank & Oak