SwiftKey Flow updated to version as it gets closer to Play Store launch


  • deltatux

    It would suck if existing SwiftKey users like myself would require to buy a new version just to have Flow. It would be great if they would backport it since there’s really no other major features except for Flow.

    If they charge, there’s really no reason for me to go with them since stock Android 4.2 keyboard (you can sideload the APK to Android 4.0 and 4.1 phones) and Swype both provide the function for free. Swype and Android 4.2 keyboard’s prediction engine is getting a lot better.

    • EddieWinslow

      as stated in the article, these features will be implemented into their standard keyboard.

      I have used regular swiftkey, and flow. now I am using Kii, which I find more accurate, and just overall a better experience.

  • Vince

    Did you even read the article??? -_-

  • zed

    Read?! Blasphemy! I will show my discontent at the devs for no real reason at all!

  • Henaway

    Kii trumps them all so far. VERY impressed with it. Fast, stable, and pretty accurate. Better than Swype anyway. Might try sideloading the 4.2 apk to see how it is … orrrrrrrr just keep Kii going. It rocks.

  • Billy

    Can anyone tell me how to activate the arrow keys in flow?

  • Billy

    Arrow keys in tablet version?