Android 4.1 Jelly Bean released for the Fido HTC One S


  • fadfoud

    Carrier on fire to get HTC phones to jelly bean

    • 2see

      RIP Android 🙂

  • Piff

    C’mon Wind. Lets go Wind. Push out that update.

  • Mahruf

    Could somone reply to me when Wind has the update avaliable? Please and thank you 🙂

  • Dan

    Well TELUS didn’t bother giving me 4.0.4, heres hoping they decide to give me 4.1…

  • Dan

    Link is broken/they deleted the tweet.



    • Omar S

      Have you already updated your device? I’m just making sure because the source posted is “missing” somehow.

  • thisguy

    any idea when one v gets any sort of update?


    The HTC one will will not be getting Jellybean. HTC already said that phones with memory under 1gb of ram will not receive it. That includes the HTC One V. It might get an update to 4.0.4

    • Victoria

      My One S is getting Jelly Bean as we speak

  • g011um

    HTC’s policy the last year seems to be forces obsolescence. The Desire HD and several other very capable phones had their upgrades pulled as well. HTC would much rather you purchase a new handset, so they hold back OS updates. Given the extremely poor showing in last quarter’s earnings, I don’t think One owners should hold their breath.

  • Ken

    Just twittered htc about the Jelly Bean upgrade for the Amaze and received a very vague answer like well we have no knowledge as to when it will be coming,sounded like the Amaze would never get it. Just a few months ago it was on the list for the update. Nice phone but I think I’ll be looking at some other type of smartphone that has the JB installed. To much BS with waiting and so called promises of the update routine.

  • Steven Schwartz

    Waiting for the Bell/Virgin update, even though mine is unlocked and now on Wind. the CID is still HTC-Bell

  • Mereo

    It’s official, Jelly Bean has arrived the the One S. I’m now downloading it.

    • Mereo

      On fido that’s is.

    • Mike

      Can you post a link for the download?

    • Piff

      Mike, just go to your phone settings then about (at the bottom) and then press software updates. It should start automatically for you.

  • GB

    Just got a notification on my phone (HTC ONE S with Fido) that update was available. I have downloaded and installed it, only took about 15 mins or so and no problems at all. It’s great.

  • MM

    Just finished downloading it. Anyone else notice the extra Roger’s bloatware included after the update? meh

  • Thomas

    And in the meantime, CyanogenMod 10 users have been enjoying Jelly Bean for months.

    • Caldera

      State the obvious much? CM10 is available for most modern phones. Most people don’t want to flash their phones and void their warranty.

    • Thomas

      Yeah I know, anyone who wants CM, will get it asap.

      It’s just sad that HTC and other OEMs have to take forever to deliver an official update (which often is functionally inferior to CM, especially if it’s LG) because they absolutely have to cram in their rubbish memory-wasting UIs, and if it’s North America, they need superfluous “carrier approval”

      Meanwhile, some hobbyists in their spare time can cook up a perfectly stable build as long as the kernel sources have the right framework (a JB build can be done with ICS sources and a GB build can be done with Froyo sources), with immediate response to bug reports. And they aren’t even paid for it.

      Instead of rejoicing that HTC “finally” delivered a JB update to the One S, we should be chastising them for doing a slower, far worse job with paid programmers than a few individuals doing this as a hobby.

  • paul franks

    i will try this afternoon on my phone htc one s not holding my breath but great if it does.

  • Victoria

    I have a Fido HTC One S but it is unlocked and I’m using it on Virgin. Jelly Bean update is currently in progess 😀

  • Caldera

    Might be wise to do a system reset, to ensure no issues.

  • Eric

    still waiting for Telus to release 4.1.

  • Derrick

    Nothing from Wind, this is really annoying.

  • dan

    can i plug fido sim card (Borrow from friend) in my virgin htc one s to get the update?