Microsoft Canada wants you to be the next Windows Phone Hand Model


  • Rich

    “take a photo holding your Windows Phone (or a print-out of the downloadable paper model)”

    Ya, I thought the same thing…

  • glonq

    I think only a woman can win this. Nobody likes man hands.

    • jack

      Some women have man hands too.

  • BaconTelevision

    George Constsnza

  • sebWin

    Microsoft should sell unlocked Windows8 phone in their Windows store.

  • Mark

    They should also reduce the Surface RT price by 100$ for the holidays, it will create more demand and excitement

  • Haroon

    I think I’m going to take an Android phone and have my girlfriend take picture with her pretty hands. Who knows, she may get the most likes 😛
    It would be freakin’ hilarious if someone did that using an Android phone.

  • fruitcake


  • GlassBackBadIdea

    If this was a Nexus 4, you will need to wear kevlar gloves as well because the stupidly designed glass plate on the back will break and cut you up. Dumb moron so called designers in Google and LG

  • Brad

    I will be your hand model showing on camera me throwing this wp8 piece of cr@p in the garbage where it belongs. No one likes WP7 or wp8 and thats why theres no developers developing apps for this piece of junk. Theres like what, 100 apps in total in wp app store lmao lol. Leave the apps for the big boys like Android.

    • jack

      What happened to Brad F and Brad F(anboy)?

  • Anthony


    Go to bed’s past your bedtime!

  • jess

    im cool with 5000 to w***e my hand to the world

  • Blas

    Sounds like quite the hand job.

  • Truth

    What a stupid damn contest. Really, this is beyond stupidity that I feel stupid just for reading that article.

    MS you guys really need to smacked in the head a couple times. Hopefully that knocks some sense into your heads.

  • Pigs Like Cheese

    To gain more interest the title of the article should read – Microsoft Offers a Hand Job

  • S2556

    great more facebook spam