Google Currents for Android updated with new design and easier navigation, sets sights on Flipboard


  • Skarphace

    There’s something wrong with you

  • Alex

    People using Android has no friends.

  • Frank

    It’s nice but I won’t be using it as my main news source.
    Flipboard allows me to access MobileSyrup.
    Currents doesn’t. #Fail.

    • Ken

      If you use Google Reader, you can add a feed in there, and then within Currents you can add any of the RSS feeds that you get in Reader. They get slotted into a category called feeds. It unfortunately doesn’t let you put them in their proper categories, but at least you can get them in there.

  • Sly

    I’ve tried different readers, and I ended up using Flipboard on my cellphone and Pulse Reader on my tablet. Did anyone tried the new Google Current ? Give us your opinion 🙂

    • Ken

      I’m liking it so far (just added it last night). I wish there was a little more customization though, such as moving an “edition” into a different category, or sorting the categories differently. Otherwise, it looks pretty nice and is simple to use.

  • Christian

    I like the new version of Google Currents a lot. It has a beautiful layout with nice animations, and I added all of my favorite rss feeds (feeds show up in search results below editions and articles). I do agree that it would be nice to have the option to customize categories.

    Overall it’s pretty great, good enough that I uninstalled flipboard (I never liked the social media junk in it).