Google Maps for iOS reportedly coming tonight


  • Gooby Pls

    Apple Maps – The Biggest Fail of 2012, bar none.

    • CRTC



  • Pat

    Yes! Can’t wait to get back to Google Maps!

  • Alex

    Getting the best of Android, and leaving the rest behind.. Apple wins again!

    • 8-down

      Goes to show google thinks of people more than just as money. Its providing free service to people because Apple chose not to pay for this google service itself.

  • Stel

    I’ve never owned an iPhone.

  • Chris

    My local pizza place is in the middle of the lake… I looked it up on my friend’s iphone just for giggles. I am not dumb enough to waste money on apple products.

  • nik

    if i was running google i wouldnt have made it for ios and make iphone morons switch to android

  • DrBadass

    April fools!

  • Claudiu

    If I were Google I would charge at least a few bucks for it, I wouldn’t give it away for free.
    You want to stay with Apple? Then cough up the cas$.

    • Karendar

      You think Google is giving it away? It’s not because they didn’t pass down the cost to the end user that they’re not making a buttload in royalties. 😉

  • Maes33


  • David

    Let me go to Fail blog now and search by “Apple”.

  • lukeiphone

    Thank you Google. Just to show support I will buy Nexus 4 and let me doggy play with it 🙂

    • Karendar

      Good luck getting one. 😉

  • Dro

    We need iOS users to provide even more reliable traffic data to Google Maps.

  • hunkyleepickle

    So I went from native Google maps on my 4s,to crappy apple maps. Now I have fantastic Google maps natively on my nexus 4, and apple tries to entice me with non native Google maps on iPhone….. I think not.

  • Bad Apple

    Ha! cr’Apple gave up? 😉

  • Mohamed

    If I were Google I’d overcharge the maps app think how much they could make

    • EvanK

      That’d be un-Google, they believe in openness and the concept that a free service shouldn’t cost anything just because you’re on another platform. They’re better than that.

  • Hardened

    @CRTC, not the fiscal cliff … seems nobody can save the USA/World from that! 😉

  • Brad F(anboy)

    …and it’s out! Get it while it’s hot, iOS users!

    Android users: Business as usual.

  • ZR27



  • S2556

    I dont even remember the last time I saw 3g in my notification bar haha