Facebook for BlackBerry updated to v3.3, brings ability to search, add and chat with BBM contacts


  • Brad F


    Trolling hard today. Watch out.

  • Money is everything

    Trolls r us

  • Brad F

    Watch the fort while I go and update my:

    -iCloud Control
    -Apple TV


    • Jack

      Are you slapping the salami in a shrine to Steve Jobs too?

    • Brad F

      No! But, that’s a good idea.

    • BB

      your the man! over paying for junk and being a follower…you might be the smartest person i know. Have fun with your toy.

    • Brad F


      EDIT: You’re the man! Not, “Your the man!” What’s wrong with you?

  • Henaway

    How about some love for the fairly woeful Playbook app? It’s a sad state when an out of date Android apk is better/more useful than the native app. Sad, sad, sad. Hopefully BB10 will improve things.

    • Eduardo

      is BB10 coming to the Playbook?

      I was greeted this morning with syncing issues; such a disappointing device.

      (not trolling it, I had really high hopes when I bought it about a year ago)

  • Troll Alert

    Brought to you today by the following unnecessary comments:

    Is this BB10?
    What’s a Blackberry?

  • Nothin But RIM

    You can already tell that Facebook’s app will be great on BB10. On my iPhone the Facebook app’s recent updates (last two months or so) are going to play extremely well with BB10 as there are a lot of swipe based functions.

  • Raid

    Updating as we speak. OS7.1’s Facebook app is pretty solid as it is so this should bring nothing but good improvements.

  • fanberry10

    Thank you!

  • Omer

    Glad that old blackberry users like us are still getting the updates, gonna be upgrading to android soon though, but might stick around to see what BB10 has in store.