Rogers launches Anyplace TV Home Edition for iPad, lets users watch 25 live channels in the home


  • Martin Chmiel

    Let’s hope they are also working on a BlackBerry 10 version of the app.

  • D

    Does this work with the 8300HD PVR?

    • Ojamali

      Yes. 8300hd is compatible. U must have Rogers cable and Rogers Internet with wifi for it to work.

  • Brad F

    Wow.. NICE!!

  • Stu Gautz

    If you do not have an eligible box, then call 1-888-Rogers1 or visit a retail location to purchase one.

  • skazzers

    What is this crap Rogers? Give me an APP that allows me to control and VIEW my cable channels on any Android / IOS / Windows device then we will talk about innovation.

  • Porilaisten

    I stopped reading at “Rogers”

    • Brad F

      I kept reading after iPad and got really excited at the “app for iOS” part.

  • Kevin L

    Wow – I cam finally record on my PVR remotely with the new 8642 box.

  • nik

    i want nothing to do with robbers…i have cancelled everything with them

    • WirelessBoy

      Great news! So we will not have to hear from you again! Best news I have heard today.

  • Netguru

    Since this works over wi-fi, is the idea of watching 25 channels on your tablet Rogers attempt to get you to blow through your monthly download limit and incur extra charges? Hmm…I wonder.

  • JimJones

    How much does the net box cost though? I mean for me it’s not a HUGE deal to miss a few seconds of tv if i need to use the washroom… There being a lockout makes this even less appealing

  • DocB

    Agreed Netguru!
    I wonder if use of the app counts against your monthly download limit. If it doesn’t, then that would be innovative. If it does, I don’t see how its any different (other than the PVR programming part) from the previous AnyPlace TV net offering.

    • Netguru

      DocB, that would be nice if Rogers didn’t apply it toward the download limits…but that’s not how Rogers does things.

  • abc123

    Who watches live TV with all the commercials anyways? The way to go is on-demand with NO commercials… and be able to watch it anywhere – not just at home.

    • Don

      You sound like a fatty. A kissless fatty…


  • Leo

    Is this another one of Roger’s Scams: I picked up their Nextbox 2.0 months ago with the hope of being able to watch shows on my iPad. So Rogers VIP cable (check), Rogers Nextbox 2.0 (check), Apple iPad (check), 100mbps internet connection with Fiber (check)…then Rogers, SORRY!! the Nextbox capabilities are only available if you have Rogers Internet. *FacePalm* you have got to be kidding me.

    So Rogers Anyplace TV, does it require Rogers Internet????

  • Knox

    Dear “Office of the President” of Rogers Cable:

    Did you know you have customers in New Brunswick who don’t have access to ANY of these whiz-bang features … and don’t have something like 30 of the HD channels Ontario has? And did you know our bill is the same as a customer in Ontario despite a ton of glaring items missing for NB Customers??

    With much loathe,


  • Ade

    How can I make it work with my apple tv