Microsoft expected to launch “Apollo Plus” update for Windows Phone 8 in February




  • Stefano Beninteso

    My contract is up at the end of February. I’m with Telus. If they don’t get this phone I will change carriers, without hesitation. But PLEASE COME TO TELUS! I’d rather not have to deal with the hassle!

  • Qoma

    The 920’s release would be a lot more successful if I could find one.

    • mrdeeds72

      Without a doubt!

  • Simble

    VPN is pretty basic stuff for an enterprise ready smart phone these days, get it sorted Microsoft!

  • Sgt.Romanov

    These phones need to be better priced , $600 bucks or more is crazy for a phone

  • Karl

    I would be all over WP8 if the Nexus 4 wasn’t so bloody cheap. 3-years are brutal.

  • Skyward


    The final update to WP8 is not disconnecting from WiFi when the screen turns off.

    Just like the final update to WP7 was adding copy & paste, before Microsoft announced terminating the platform to boost the next great thing in WP8…

  • lunch bucket

    Picked up a Lumia 920 as my work phone recently. $0 down, $450 tab on a three year contract, BUT I’m only on the hook for those $450, no cancellation fees or other crap, and the tab gets discounted by 1/36th of the phone’s total price each month. It compares pretty favourably with the Nexus 4, which i will be activating as my personal phone on my Wind account once it is back in stock.

    Overall the 920 is great, though a bit slippery. Got a case on the way, but for now i have to be careful with it.

    • Karl

      Who did you score the Lumia 920 from? That could be a pretty good deal for me if I can wrangle the carrier to cover my cancellation fees from Bell.

  • hza

    I got,the new Lumia 920 its pretty sick ! Recommend it everyone !

  • Keith

    The 920 is selling briskly in every country that carries it–except for maybe Canada.

  • Maurice

    Would love any WP8 phone on Fido! Why they are refusing to put it on this carrier is beyond me

  • Jonathan Brunelle

    I switched from Telus to Rogers this weekend for a lumia 920 ( TELUS contract ends in DEC4, so I have a temporary number at Rogers till then )

    feature that isnt talked about much is the sensitivity of the screen… I Can even use the phone with leather gloves on… an important feature in Canada 🙂

    • Stefano

      Did Rogers give you any bonuses/perks for switching?

  • TheCK

    Good news. Probably means Microsoft is moving to a shorter release cycle.

  • Ron

    Got myslef a nokia lumia 920 from rogers, but Im with bell and the phone came unlock from rogers! if you buy it on a 30day and cancel after youill get it for 549$

    • Taylor

      Any troubles with using it on the bell network? I’ve been thinking about doing this as Telus is taking way to long to get any windows 8 devices. But I heard that the mms doesn’t work when you use the. Lumia 920 from rogers on telus!

  • mrdeeds72

    I made the plunge from my Nokia c6-01 to the HTC 8X. The only reason? Bell didn’t carry the Lumia 920 and I could no longer function with my venerable Nokia. Got it for nothing too! Love the HTC 8X so far!