Update: Winners announced in the dbrand inc. iPhone 5 skin contest (Review)


  • isdfoa

    Thank You MobileSyrup! I would love the grey “Titanium” version. Thanks!

    • Lawsuit

      lawsuit in 3..2..1….

      counterfeit using the apple logo at back.

    • Nib

      … it’s just an apple cut out to let the original apple show through

  • Giman Aghayev

    First come, first serve 😉

  • Karen kervin

    Titanium all the way

  • Sean

    Nice if I had an iPhone 5 I would seriously get them = D

  • Giman Aghayev

    OH MAN forgot the style. Please a black one would be cool 😀

  • Anton

    I’d love a titanium one!

  • Ryan

    Wow, these are sexy. I’d love a grey Titanium was as well

  • Jon

    I would love a Titanium, looks wicked!

  • Tony

    I’d love a white carbon one

  • Farhan Rahman


  • I Like Good Food

    Thank You MobileSyrup! I would love the grey “Titanium” version also! Thanks!

  • Alex

    Wow! I would love the white carbon skin!

  • Parminder Singh

    any style any color …

  • Terrence

    A white carbon one! 🙂

  • Betty

    The titanium one is pretty awesome!

  • jeremy

    black carbon please

  • Fazil

    Titanium please and thank you!

  • John

    Sure give me the titanium!

  • Morgan

    These looks amazing! And would look awesome on my new phone!! 🙂

  • rravindras

    Titanium or White Carbon!

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Titanium all the way !

  • Sandini

    Pretty sick
    awesome job getting the skins MS!
    I would go for White Carbon


  • Ryan

    They look unreal. Black Carbon!!!

  • Grace

    Carbon titanium please 🙂

  • Wilton

    I am Titaniummmmmmmmm!!!


  • Nan

    I would looooove a blue leather – just imagining the feel of the leather in my hand!!

  • HikerCA

    Hi, Carbon or Titanium in Titanium or Black. Thanks!

  • Colin

    Titanium’s the way to go! Looks slick

  • Faisal

    The Titanium looks nice and would love one!

  • sebby

    I like the titanium look

  • Andrew Z.

    The white carbon would be awesome!!

  • EAK47

    I would like the white leather , looks so classy

  • wanda macsween

    Would love pink carbon.

  • Sara

    This Titanium version looks serious eye candy! thanks for the share.

  • Sam Exel

    The titanium looks awesome! Great review.

  • Gareth

    Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about getting a Belkin case but this looks a lot better. I like the Titanium one.

  • Chuck

    Titanium please

  • Richard Lingad

    White carbon will look awesome on my iphone 5.

  • lukeiphone

    Black leather please!!

  • Alkyne

    whoa, this is neat. I would like the leather orange, nice and sexy!

  • Matt

    Titanium!! 😀

  • osorbust

    Great looking product! Love the grey titanium skin. Thx for the chance to win!

  • mike


  • Jr

    Black leather

  • william huang

    i love this product, Titanium is the best! will recommend my friends to buy it.

  • T1MB1T

    I totally love how that looks! It would be so cool.. oh dammit I am on wind.. NO Iphone NO LTE and NO tony!

  • PaulMcCartneysrecordlabelhaditfirst!

    Titanium pls so I can give it to my friend who I constantly mock for buying an iphone5.

  • simon

    i’ll take one!

  • Domisgone

    Looks pretty sweet. The grey one looks snazzy.

  • Ed

    Great Product! Love to have it!!
    I bet all the colours are great; anyone would be appreciated.

    Really like this particular titanium though!!

  • Mike

    Mobile syrup is awsome. I would like Titanium. Thank you

  • Allison

    As you were so nice to get and give these away, I am not picky, all of the sound great and one of any of them would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • EvanKr

    Thanks, MS! I have a few friends who’d love this as a gift this holiday.

  • Matt Crites

    Love the Titanium, that’s what i would want!!

  • Ry

    Carbon or Titanium please & thank you

  • David

    I got to go with TITANIUM!!!!! YEEE! THX for the give away!

  • David

    I got to go with TITANIUM!!!! YEEE!

  • Larry

    Titanium please.

  • Victor

    The titanium one would be a great gift for my secret Santa!

  • Titan

    Titanium looks very SEXY!!

  • Max Power

    Any vibrant colour for me, please!

  • Keyvan

    I like the black leather. Thanks 🙂

  • Tony

    The carbon would look so amazing!

  • elektrovaporx

    That green is my FAVOURITE colour!!! I would love the green leather one please!

  • Mark

    You can mix and match?!? COOL!

    I’d love an Oilers-themed orange back with blue sides.

    Or a blue back with orange sides.

    Win one, buy the other! lol

  • Chris

    I would also like a titanium one! Now that is precision!

  • Ben F

    Carbon Black would be cool… 🙂

  • Derek Harnanansingh

    Two toned black 🙂

  • Armiya Ibrahim

    Thank You MobileSyrup! I would love the grey “Titanium” version. Thanks!

  • Raffy Guiao

    I am “Titanium”!

  • Hugh

    Titanium Please! Nice looking skin!

  • Sahar

    I want a titanium style !!!!

  • Tito71

    just love it!

  • Vengefulspirit99

    titanium with reddit’s logo on it

  • arcsvibe

    Leather ones are cool too!

  • Derek Vipond

    I would love the titanium one!

  • waqas ullah

    Titanium grey looks soooo good. Come on mobilesyrup show me some love.

  • Viriak

    Carbon black looks great! Would love to win one.

  • Jay

    nice! titanium

  • Vin

    Ill take the titanium

  • new1

    Count me in for the titanium please!

  • Jerry

    Carbon, black or titanium please! (iPhone 5)

  • Yit Wei Lim

    Titanium please!! Thanks! =)

  • Double D

    Great looking Skin in Titanium Skin. What about the the front side skin in Titanium as well. That will be even more amazing. I want front side Titanium Skin. PLEASE!!!!

  • Johnny

    The titanium skin looks amazing! This would make my iPhone 5 look even better!

  • Kevin P

    Hi. Sign me up. Gotta get a new colour as I bought the white iphone. error

  • JH

    I’ll take a black leather, thanks!

  • PeachyKeen

    I would like the Titanium please !!

  • ice24

    Orange one please!

  • ice24

    Titanium Titanium plz!!

  • PeachyKeen

    I would like the Titanium please 🙂 I <3 you Mobile Syrup

  • PeachyKeen

    I would like the Titanum please 🙂 I <3 u Mobile Syrup

  • PeachyKeen

    titanium please 🙂

  • Jason Nelson

    Titanium, titanium. Wicked looking skins and awesome contest!

  • Pran

    Like the masses here, I would also definitely pick the Titanium one. I have the white iPhone 5 so the titanium would look the best.

    The Carbon ones are very nice looking too though.


  • Samar

    Would love Leather black verison.

  • Notamerican

    Titanium… Preferrably for PS Vita ;P

  • Zsolt J

    I would love to get one!

  • Nathan

    carbon silver

  • Sam Seto

    iPhone 5 – Titanium !

  • shawn

    carbon black!

  • Phill

    Titanium version for iPhone5 😉

  • Zudeo

    Titanium please!

  • Jim

    Skins from dbrand look pretty cool. I’d want yellow for my nexus 7.

  • inc

    hey, this is awesome.. i might pick up a few


  • Nathan

    Titanium, for sure.

  • Chun Nam

    I would love a black leather one!

  • patricm h m

    Titanium titanium titanium please please please thanks

  • Abi Mahendran

    The grey titanium looks awesome! Would love that for my iPhone 5.

  • BreathLess

    Awesome review and glad it’s a Canadian company.

    I would like to try the titanium one please!

  • THOM

    I’d really like to have the white carbon fiber one. Thanks Mobilesyrup for those contests !

  • Bill

    This is an awesome solution to protecting the iPhone. I like the sleekness of the iPhone but I still want to protect it from accidental scratches without the bulkiness of most protective cases. This looks like the perfect solution. It gives the iPhone protection but still gives it a smooth, cool look.

  • Jake

    Titanium please!

  • Baris

    Titanium for my iPhone 5

  • Lucinda

    I saw the skins and thought they were really cool. I would pick orange leather for my Nexus 7.

  • Sub-Joker

    Titanium, titanium all the way

  • tech

    why is there no galaxy s3 one?

  • Mich

    The titanium style and colour would be an awesome pick =)

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the great review. Didn’t know they exist!

    It would be great if I can win a black leather one for my wife’s black iPhone 5. Its naked now and she haven’t found any cases she likes yet.

    This is my favorite website!

  • Mazhar J

    Titanium please! Thanks for the giveaway

  • Felipe

    Titanium looks amazing !! I want that one ! 🙂

  • cathy

    love the titanium one but the leather looks sweet too Thanks for giveaway

  • Andres

    Will go in tune with my music and mood 🙂

  • Staney

    Awesome! Love it! I’ll gladly take one 🙂

  • gogakhan

    black… or titanium… 🙂

  • Vanessa

    I would like one in titanium style and colour!

  • Kevin

    – Carbon – hopefully I win!

  • George lee

    White carbon. Thanks much love halfax

  • Fate

    Titanium please and thank you.

  • John Wang

    black carbon please

  • bradified

    That looks really awesome! I love the grey titanium skin…

  • Tommy Thompson

    Awesome, thanks for the contest!

  • Stan

    Nice stuff! I want the white leather one!

  • frankieboy

    black leather or titanium!

  • Stan

    Nice stuff! I want the Titanium!

  • lee

    The wife lover purple!

  • Ammar

    Black leather please

  • Carlo V

    The titanium one would be sick!

  • Allan

    Titanium please.

  • Tyler Harnett

    These look awesome.

  • Remi Martin

    I would like a Brushed Titanium

    or a black leather.


  • aron

    white leather looks awesome, as does titanium!

  • Anish

    i would love black carbon 🙂

  • Mike

    Carbon Black

  • Greek


  • MJ

    I would love to get the titanium finish

  • Sophia Kibriya

    I can’t believe it’s just a sticker !!!!

  • Ashish Bhagria

    Skin ‘ Titanium’ and color titanium as well

  • Alex N

    This look awesome. Pleeze pick me.

  • Marc

    Carbon and black for me!

  • Chung

    Whote carbon please

  • Sam Exel

    The titanium looks awesome!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I would love to have it or rather win one in titanium.

  • Bill

    The titanium is very sexy!

  • SaltiMoPho

    Wow very nice looking cases, would love to get my hands on a Titanium case!

  • Abi Mahendran

    I would love to get my hands on the titanium grey case. 🙂

  • Stephen lee

    Canada represent! Looks nice!

    Titanium please! 🙂

  • Matthew

    I think Titanium colour with the titanium pattern would be nice!

  • Thed

    Love the Titanium. Although the black carbon looks pretty good too.

  • Kris

    The titanium case looks amazing!

  • nick .c

    Titanium =D

  • sk.khaja mohiddin

    i would like a white one

  • Joel

    The white carbon one would be awesome.

  • Ben

    Titanium all the way

  • Akhil

    A part of me was missing

    My soul was incomplete

    Until I held it in my hands

    On Saturday last week

    For now I’ve left the Blackberry

    My life means so much more

    I never can go back (berry)

    I love my iPhone 4 Titanium look

    Its shiny screen and touchy things

    The coolest apps, all free

    I can’t imagine waking up

    Without it next to me

    It sounds just like a rooster

    When it wakes me from my slumber

    And the very bestest thing?

    I didn’t have to change my number

    My iPhone 4’s Titanium looks just like me

    It’s smooth and full of charm

    It knows when to be quiet

    And when to raise alarm

    Its flippy case, its bright white plug

    Its Apple-flavoured glory

    Oh iPhone 4, let’s tell the world

    Our beautiful love story..

    I wish I get It one Day<< 🙂

    • John

      Nice Poem.. Liked it,, 🙂

  • John


  • StephanieW

    The titanium is gorgeous!! But the black is a close second. Thanks for the rocking giveaway, would love to have this! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  • Melissa

    So cool! I would like to win!