Update: Nokia confirms new PureView promo ad wasn’t shot with a PureView camera (Video)


  • w00t

    Who cares? NOKIA, go focus on your phone business, not the damn CAMERA!

    • jPhoneUser

      yep. i dont kno why they keep giving so much of importance to all these detailed camera specs. customers are going to take a photo with s3 , iphone 5 and this and will say “they all look the same”.

  • Miknitro

    Caught like dirty rats lol.

  • Rich

    I’m actually glad they’re working on cameras.
    Processors are essentially at an overkill stage right now, screens are fairly top notch, OS is kind of out of the manufacturers control, so what’s left?

  • Vic Nguyen

    Also at the 0:51 mark, you’ll find the same shooting vehicle on the reflection of the black van. Dishonest Ad Nokia.

  • Lachlan

    Meh.. Every company does it.. this is just a Youtube video and not even an actual commercial.. Look at every other company and every screen is fake on every commercial on actual television.. All the pictures that the iPhone commercials show are fake as well.

    Go Nokia! 920 looks awesome

    • Davor

      Granted that commercials usually show a simulated video on a screen, but if you’re showing what a camera can do, and comparing between something off and on, you should be using the actual product. It’s a comparison to show the quality not to look pretty in the video. It’s misleading and I’m glad they got caught.

  • zzZZzz

    To be fair, it’s not like there are many commercials being shot with the devices they are selling (camera wise). And even IF that happens, of course they will take the steadiest hand, the best light, the best cut etc… to give you the best Ad.

  • Slype

    Yup.. they are only doing what every other company has done before it. Sony, Microsoft, Apple and the list goes on. All marketing fluff and they usually get called out for it too. No biggie, just another mark on them.

    Though I must say the 920 is looking like a pretty sweet phone. They are bringing something new and I like that!

  • stylinred

    NOK shares already took a major hit after todays device announcements

    I can only imagine it will dip even further tomorrow because of this news

  • XS

    Pfff, like when you’re ordering Big Mac you get anything near the one on menu. Get real, this is exactly what commercials are for.

  • andy c

    for the posters that say every company does this your right, they do.

    but those companies 1. have a disclaimer on the videos or 2. ensure there is no obvious way to tell it was shot with another device.

    Nokia did neither of the above two (and got busted badly for it) and on the premier of there flagship device no less.

    at least MobileSyrup is taking a middle ground approach with this and will wait for review units (unlike Gizmodo who are freaking out)

  • Sanchela

    I guess N8 was the last great Nokia device worth buying. I’ve already sokd mine and moved to Android. Shame Nokia

  • Mike

    A little deceptive but not a huge deal. Even if it was shot with a 920 I’d still want to see some real world testing reviews on YouTube anyways.

  • kroms

    WoW! So they faked the Video shot with the Phone to make it look better then it really is and also the Night Photos.
    Company’s should be Punished for this sort of Lying about the product to consumers, this should not be allowed.

  • kroms

    Funny how people are saying NO BIG Deal. Then these same people are the first to comment on a Video or pictures that are poor and not up to standards.
    Point is , I’d rather have a Company show me the real stuff and this way i have much more respect about there products and the way they stand behind them for what your getting. As opposed to being lied to.

  • jack

    No disclaimer saying it wasnt shot on the phone. Just the lie that nokia knows you would think it was, when you saw the ad. Thats outright dis honest. Not some minor fluff up in advertising, or an oversight. Nokia deserve to get busted for this. And the new flagship phone is just a re-hash of the N9 design for the 3rd time. Nokia’s looking pretty sad and pathetic these days.

  • Wrathwitch

    Nokia has simply shot themselves in the foot by NOT releasing release dates, costs and countries. They were dumb enough to present a skant week before Apple does, and will be delivering (at least to Canada if the rumours are true) WAY after Apple has their phones out to market.

    Very dumb.

    Just like Motorola yesterday… ICS release? No guarenteed release date other than their entry level phone??

    Some companies just don’t learn!!

  • Gene

    Wow shame on Nokia. This a demo of professional camera crew and a moving van lol. Even if they mounted the phone on professional stabilized car rig I would give them a pass! But an SLR? c’mon guys