RIM’s BlackBerry 10 “L-Series” all-touch device leaks online, shows homescreen


  • Kingspec

    Notice how the squares do NOT have rounded edges. Take note, Apple.

    • Dylan K

      Running only off EDGE? I joke, looks good. This is RIM’s last shot, make it work.

    • 52weekLow

      It’s Sep 2012, Galaxy S3 selling by the millions and the iphone 5 still 5 weeks away, then Motorolas, LGs, the (nice) Samsung- Windows 8 and then the Google phones…

      Rimm’s 52- week low: $6.56 ……trading now at $6.60

      The time when “Leaks” and “Rumours” of “industry insiders” had an effect in stock is coming to an end. Expect RIMM to be in the mid $5s after the Sept 27th Earnings call. then Under $5 after the release of the iphone 5…

      Bottomline is RIM is dropping $1 per month and it’s 6 months until Feb ( Thwy wont release it in January!) so make your math.

    • some guy

      @Dylan K, That’s not edge, that “E” is for “Extra Fast”.

      Either way, those are icons arranged in a grid on a touch screen which uses gestures and contact with the user to work.
      Alllllll of which Apple invented and needs to sue RIM to protect their IP.


  • hmmm

    You can see in the upper part of the picture, the bronze which is the similar phone that leaked late 2011. Anyone remember?

  • iDroidforlife

    Very late in the game.

    • johentie

      coming from a person that uses a motorola device?!?!?! puhaha so how are they doing?? what’s their bank roll? who owns them? and their devices are just a pathetic excuse for an android device.. hopefully Google can make something better with they took over.. but hopefully just deprecate the whole device all together..

    • some guy

      @johentie Why you so butt hurt bro?

  • trev

    Rim should sue apple for having imessage. Oh wait I forgot rim is canadian, we don’t sue for sillyness.

    • Gus

      Why would they?

  • apple.

    Apple is talking with it’s lawyers right now… RIM, you will be hearing from Apple’s lawyers in Q1 2013. I am against this stupid thing Apple is doing.

    • Gus

      They’ll be ok. They reversed the signal meter and battery on the title bar to differentiate from iOS

  • sickpuppy

    IT IS BB 10 !

  • Steven

    I like the looks of it so far! Much more current and stylish than Rim usually offers. Glad to see they have been learning from some of their mistakes, hope everything about the phone is as good of an improvement as the UI!

    • kajenius

      Finally rim good stuff. I didn’t take much to figure out the storm wasn’t the answer. God what an awful phone that was.

  • Joeb

    For a platform reboot, I was expecting much more innovation than this.
    Boring, lame and uninspiring. They need to do better.

    • hoo dat

      So you can tell how good an OS is just from a picture of the homescreen?? You must be psychic.

    • Fatz

      THE OS IS NOT FINAL. IT WILL BE DIFFERENT SOFTWARE. (I felt caps were necessary).

    • hoo dat

      I think CrackBerry sums it up perfectly:

      “All that said; nothing in this image is final so take for what it is. An updated image of an unfinished device running an unknown version of an unreleased OS.”

  • David

    Notice no round corners on the icons to avoid litigation

  • george

    I can not wait to get rid of the worst phone ever made the iPhone4s. No I am not an iPhone hater as I really liked my iPhone4 . Anyhow after being conned by crapple for buying a worst version of an iPhone with useless Siri plus the many never ending problems with the iPhone …..so I am now going to try something new and bb10 looks to be something different. Many of my friends are not going to touch another apple product and who can blame them.

  • EddieWinslow

    I really like the direction rim is going right now. I truly hope they do well for the sake of all the people that worked so hard to keep their jobs.

  • James

    Apple will likely sue Blackberry for candy bar design just like iphone 4

    • some guy

      Don’t forget the dots to show what page you are on. Apple invented dots, you see.

  • James

    take a look at the pic very closely and it is rounded corners much the same as iphone

  • Waterloo

    It looks like RIM has caught up to the rest of the world. This will be the deciding factor for RIM. Although it’s sad to say that with the new iphone 5 just around the corner and newer android OS and devices by Q1 and Q2 of next year, consumers will not make a big impact on the overall profit. It’s the corporations that invested in RIM that would decide it’s fate.

    Good luck RIM!

  • Steve

    4 x 4 icon grid with 11 pages?
    Not for me thanks.

    (8 x 5 icon grid with 1 page on my Galaxy Nexus)

  • Brandon Atkinson

    Apple can’t sue for the icons… they aren’t squares… rim went with rectangles… stupid apple and their even stupider vague shape patents…

  • markonparade

    This looks kind of lame for a UI. I hope on launch it’ll be better, I really want RIM to make a comeback here.

  • Stupid

    Am I really the only one that thinks that looks awful?

    I was expecting a lot better. (Silly me..)

  • Jamma

    Little too late and they sad the phone would look different from the protype seems to look the same. Good old Rim lies, lies.

  • Platinum

    That thumb nail is really long… quite distracting.

    • ih8fanbois

      That’s friggin disgusting. BRB leaking a photo of me holding an unreleased device in my disgusting poverty hand.

  • Plan Shopper

    I don’t think this is a real uptodate photo as the date is wrong. It shows March 31.

    Yes, the date could be wrong on the phone but why would you purposely do that if you are trying to leak a photo of a soon to be released phone?

    • some guy

      @Plan Shopper, please tell me you are being tongue-in-cheek… for the sake of common sense I hope you are.

      If you are being purposely misleading, well played sir, well played.

  • Fred

    I wish they chose different images for some of those icons. They have a little bit of an Apple feel; particularly the choice of using a flower for the pictures app.

  • Cell Guy

    Good device, they just needed to launch this about 12 months ago.

  • Sassy

    RIM this is my request…PLEASE DO SOMETHING EPIC this time around. I am so tired of iCrap that it isn’t funny.

    Oh and I may be the only one left, but I love my Bold 9790 and the typical BB phones with keyboards. I’m all for options so I hope they offer this new style in addition to their regular BB phones. I can’t stand only touch screen phones cause I spend more time cleaning the damn screen than typing on it!! :o)

  • MS

    Please RIM just give up…and sell bbm to the other ecosystems(WP8) plz..altough a blacberry running wp8 would be great!

  • synot

    Hope Blackberry will make it back with this phone ,looks very god,hope operating system just as good,blackery is one of the best quality built phone on the market.Hope it comes with 4g,12 megapixel camera,2gb ram 32 or 64 gb memory plus sd card nfc and some othe innovative featues that the competition doesnt have .