New HTC device leaks looking dark, red and menacing

A new HTC device has leaked with traditional black and red colouring, indicating that it may be a new entry in the Incredible series. Earlier this summer, a rumoured 5-inch HTC device with a 1080p screen revved up our collective imaginations, and while it’s not confirmed that what we see above is said barn-raiser, it looks every bit the part.

This blurrycam vision was leaked earlier in the weekend, just as a number of companies are readying their year-end devices. Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony and others are set to release various devices before the end of the year, and HTC hasn’t announced a high-end product since the One series in February. As we near the end of summer, the struggling Taiwanese phone maker could really use a hit.

The phone looks to be around 4.7 to 5-inches in size, which would substantiate the previous leaks, which show a 5-inch device with a resolution close to 1920×1080. The back, which is adorned in what looks to be a matte black polycarbonate similar to the One series, has a camera module that does not protrude at all. The red lining around the side lends the phone a menacing, almost aggressive racing stripe air, which we love. It looks as though HTC has opted to keep its capacitive button layout, as opposed to going with on-screen buttons like Sony and Motorola have opted to do.

If this is a Galaxy Note competitor with a 1080p screen resolution, we wonder what internals it would have. Considering the LG Optimus G will be one of the first devices to ship with Qualcomm’s new quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC with a Adreno 320 GPU, HTC could gain a huge market advantage by adorning this unnamed beauty with the same specs. It will need a powerful graphics chip to drive such a high-resolution screen.

What do you think? Can HTC get back in the game with this One?

Source: Phone Forum HK
Via: The Verge