HTC media event happening on September 19th, will give us a look at “what’s next”


  • Tomatoes

    HTC sucks. I blacklisted them after one phone which speaks volumes about how crappy they are.

    • antirobbers

      Really? I’ve owned 3 htc devices. Loved them all.

  • no1 u no

    Lol bi ifone 5

  • Ramo19

    HTC One X is a beast of a phone! A few imperfections, but so far, it has’t caused me any grief, and I enjoy using it.

    Looking forward to see what HTC has up its sleeve.

    I am actually much more excited about this one, than about the boring IPhone 5 launch…

  • Craig

    the blue circles at the bottom look like how you get into google now so they might be bringing jellybean to some devices


    San-serif fonts for a media invite? Obvious Apple clone.

    • John Marshall

      Apple uses Myriad Pro for its press releases. I recognize the font used here as Raleway, so that’s TOOOOOTALLY different.

  • Threecube

    We are releasing 15 new phones.

  • Mike

    I hope it’s their rumored tablet that looks like a bigger One X.

  • Shane Sparky

    An iPhone 5 replica, that’s what’s next! Can’t wait, yay! :/

  • John Marshall

    This seems to fit in right with the rumoured timing of their announcement of their Windows Phones. Given those early peeks of the Accord and Zenith that have been floating around the web, I’m looking forward to what they have to show off.

    That little ball and ring there suggests a new version of HTC Sense, though. I hope they go with that minimalist aesthetic for it, because the shiny, glossy version of HTC Sense on my One S is looking a little long in the tooth. A more stark look for it would be pretty cool.

  • Jared

    HTC needs to hit gold with a device pretty soon. They cannot keep taking losses. Good luck to them.

  • zzZZzz

    HTC I wish you the best of luck, but for Christ sake, do some better marketing. Oh and bring back external memory (don’t care much about removable battery)

  • isdfoa

    htc makes great products, but they need to tell people about them! put some ads on youtube, on tv, at movie pre-shows… somewhere!

    i own as s3 and i’ll say this: htc makes the best designs in the industry (software and hardware). samsung has them beat on everything else though. wish i could merge the two together!

  • Dalex

    Jellybean for the One X and S? Been trying out AOSP CM 10 and AOKP for my One X, but I do love the Sense Camera and some of the other Sense functionality. Currently with Sense 4.1 and Cleanrom V, its running very smoothly, but I do miss Google Now.

  • vengefulspirit99

    im putting money on this being their wp8 event.

  • Smitty

    Is this BB10?

  • Mike

    Bad timing. Isheep will be starting to line up for their iPhone 5s.