Windows Phone 8 to officially launch on October 29th: Rumour


  • Joseph

    I don’t think it’s considered “Official” if it’s a rumour.

    • Keith

      When Mary Jo Foley says it, you can pretty much declare it as official.

    • Commited

      MS has been saying for the last 6 months that W8 phones will be ready to be sold for the holidays.

      Translation: Phones have to be ready by 2nd week of November at the latest available by the millions.
      So Oct 29th will be Basically Nov. they are just being careful with the release of iPhone 5 if you release ANYTHING too close to then, your product will flop. if the i5 comes out in the 2-3 week of October, MS might will just push the release to first week of Nov. Apple knows that and they might delay the release of i5 just to make things more difficult for competitors (one week later, will have zero effect in sales and they will have more i5 in stock, while reducing the impact of competitors)

      RIM trip to irrelevancy will begin at the end of Sept (It’s tough for Vapour-ware to compete with phones that you can buy at a store)

  • ruddias

    Wow thanks for the birthday present Microsoft 🙂

  • Entegy

    Here’s hoping Rogers will have some devices from day one like it did for the original WP7 devices!

  • APR

    I hope people do not write “Is this BB10?” / “RIP RIM” type dumb comments to troll this thread!

    • sickpuppy

      You just did genius

  • joey

    FFS I hope bell gets one

  • Billy

    And in other dog just took a crap on my lawn.

  • Jimmy

    Looking forward to a Nokia so I can get some decent cell reception.

  • Mike

    Where’s 7.8 for my Lumia 900?

    • phreezerburn

      It’s out at the same time. They’ve said that all along and in hundreds of articles.

  • Tomatoes

    Bad move if true. I never condone any company to rush their products out, but the gameplan for both Microsoft and RIM should have been get a head start on Apple.

    Very weird strategy unless they genuinely believe that iphone 5 sales will plateau by October 29th. Or even better, they genuinely believe that no one will ever look at IOS and Android after seeing Windows Phone 8. Not very likely though so they should have aimed for at least a few motnhs headstart on Apple.

    Septemeber 5th or 12th release would be the most ideal right now. Otherwise, good luck.

    • phreezerburn

      Right. Or just maybe they realize those who are going to buy an iPhone 5 just will regardless of what it truly is or does. Hell if they released an Etch-a-sketch with an Apple logo on it with an iOS version called Gummy Bear, you damned well know people yourself who would trip over themselves to get one.

      I figured they’d release along with the Surface RT tablets and showcase the the whole inter-connectivity aspect of all the Win8 flavours.

    • AScottReid

      Interesting thought Tomatoes, but I think they are more focused on the timing of Windows8 in general. I’m sure they realize the popularity of the other devices. For Nokia and SS, timing the launches to the end of October should allow them to ride on some of the noise that’ll happen around then about Windows8. For MS, they need this timing to help build their story of a single OS experience across all platform with Win8 – desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. I think it’s more about the whole platform competition between Apple and MS with iPhone vs. Windows phone just being one of the story lines.

  • Anthony

    i like how microsoft has been “mom” on WP8 features…i hope RIM learns from this..underpromise, overdeliver

  • MC Lin

    Not sure if I heard it right, but on today’s Samsung IFA session, starting at about 1:12:37, I believe the presenter said “we’ve heard a lot of s**t about sharing tonight, haven’t we?” Did he really say “s**t”?