Samsung Canada gives one-of-a-kind customized “Dragon” Galaxy S III to loyal customer

Feel-good story of the day goes to Samsung Canada. Here’s the deal: Shane is a loyal Samsung user. He has a Galaxy S, and Samsung laptop, and a Samsung HDTV. Missing from his collection was the recently released Galaxy S III. To get the attention of Samsung Canada he took to Facebook and requested a free GS3, along with drawing them a cartoon dragon. Of course, Samsung Canada reps said they couldn’t give him a complimentary GS3 as they would “go under as a company” if they did this for everyone. However, in return, they did draw a kangaroo on a unicycle. This thread on Facebook apparently went viral and received some much needed press.

Days passed and Shane is now reporting that Samsung Canada has indeed exceeded his expectations by sending him a GS3, but it’s customized. On the back cover plate Samsung has placed the drawing of his “epic dragon,” stating this is the “only customized Galaxy S III in Canada.” In addition to the back Samsung also took the time to redo the packaging and include a dragon wallpaper on his homescreen.

Pretty sure Samsung has a customer for life there. Few more pics below

Source: TechCrunch
Via: imgur