Samsung Canada gives one-of-a-kind customized “Dragon” Galaxy S III to loyal customer


  • gjac0m

    wtf is that

    • gjac0m

      how ever, kinda cool from them to do that

    • EvanKr

      Just waiting for Apple to file some ridiculous patent lawsuit against this…

    • Samsung is a joke!

      I hope the kid sues them for using his artwork without his permission.

  • jessica

    i donot see apple doing this for any customer. Hilarious , this law suit isnt going to ruin these guys

  • nope

    that is hella tight

  • Mr. Cgy

    Not only is this a cool gesture, but by flying under the radar like this, if Apple ever decides to release a product with a crudely drawn dragon and blue text on the product or packaging, Samsung has them dead to rights and can get their $1B back.

  • Mark

    Just awesome. Companies love good, free viral publicity, and its great to seem them recognize that and reward the customer.

    Can you imagine what that sucker would go for on Ebay?

  • Trotsky

    This is more than awesome.

  • Hinds2009

    That was great of Samsung Canada! Kudos to Them:-)

  • AM Radio


  • havy

    How about a link to the facebook thread.

    Also wouldn’t mind knowing what company is customizing cover plates. I’d pay to get mine customized.

  • Ghoul

    Quick, everyone, go spam Samsung’s facebook page with crazy doodles and show your devotion to them, surely they’ll have to give all of us a free customized GSIII after it!

    In all seriousness though, that’s awesome for the guy who got it, and that dragon drawing is freakin’ rad.

  • Ken

    I would buy this phone if that were an actual design for retail sale. Not even joking.

  • freestaterocker

    Not a fan of Sammy products personally, but this is awesome. Nice of them to show some appreciation to the people that DO keep them afloat.

  • havy

    Apology: The Techcrunch link has picture of facebook thread.

  • Cory McPhee

    Here I go! “Dear LG…”

    • ruddias

      NO! Don’t do it man, you’ll regret it.

  • Plazmic

    That kid has all that stuff because of his parents…. F this…

  • Cole

    Awesome. I hope the Samsung employee that drew the kangaroo on a unicycle got a nice bonus too. After all, if not for the humorous reply, this probably never would have been as viral as it was.

  • Vinny

    Somewhere in Cupertino Apple is looking to sue Samsung as Apple has a pattent for random acts of kindness…

  • polish

    we got an apple faboy doucheban giving everybody a thumbs down!!! Get a life sucker! you mo**er f*ckin frooty a*s company is going down!!

  • JF

    What about me? I have a galaxy S, a galaxy SII and a galaxy note!

    • D Ly

      You really think you need another phone with all the ones that you presently own atm? How about asking for a Samsung TV instead.

  • Mark

    Wow, honestly this is just amazing of Samsung. Koodos to them! This story makes me love and respect Samsung even more than I already did, which actually makes me even more pissed off that they lost the court battle….

  • rain55

    Good job Samsung .now that apple is going to get a injunction on your smartphone I say you have a big phone sale to screw Apple before your phones get band for sale .half price on the galaxy 2 sound good lol

  • Brenda Bennett

    I think that is just terrific what they did. I really like the pic

  • Meow meow

    How about giving all us GNex users Jelly Bean!!!!!!

  • DMan

    I think Samsung should run a contest now. Everyone one who wants, submits a design. Top 4-5 are voted in by viewers. Then made available directly as unlocked devices right off the site. Would you sell millions? No. But you definitely would swagger!

  • Daniel Reid

    Not going to lie, I’d buy this phone

  • DMan

    I would too. But they shouldn’t. It would cheapen the gesture.

  • Cell Hell

    That’s some of the worst art ever!

    • skullan

      Maybe, but it’s on an awesome phone, giving a bit of humanity and humour to a large company. That makes it an awesome piece of artwork.

  • Sonny

    Wow totally customised phone! … a rotten fruit company would never do this

  • Danielle

    That is actually pretty funny. Also, I love the drawing. That looks like something I’d try to get on a case for my phone, go Samsung!

  • slype

    Apple probably has a parent on random acts of kindness but like their other parents. It’s never been used. Who would have thought that Apple would turn into the company that techies revile (but is adored by the latte crowd).

    On topic. Kudos to Samsung for this. Hats off to a classy move.

  • Optimism

    Wow, very nice of samsung, i read about blackberry helping a handicap person in ottawa by getting him a new phone with all his lost data. But they were blackberry(canadian who tend to be nice), but a foreign company doing this is just wow. Not to say what blackberry did is any less. Still samsung i thought was too big of company to care about one single customer. Guess i was wrong, way to go samsung, making a role model.

  • ILoveSamsungToo

    Hey i love samsung too, thats another thing all things i own are not samsung brand, but i did want them all to be samsung, Look up samsung 9000 tv, it is in sears of dundas square, i see it everyday and wish i could buy it. i do own galaxy s3 and did have flip open samsung phone in past. i have lcd monitor of samsung…thats about it. 🙁 can i atleast get a customized back cover now?

  • LOL

    Just another stupid publicity stunt that have the samsung sheep fawning over how “nice” they are. They don’t care how many samsung products this guy has. They just want to give him the phone to make the company seem really friendly and whatnot. They don’t care about this one customer as a person. Read what the letter says..”thank you for the media attention”. uhhhhh…

    and who would want to have that? its the ugliest piece of s**t i’ve ever seen. as if the gs3 wasn’t bad enough

  • Samsung is dying.

    They copied this kids dragon pic.
    Why can’t Samsung do anything original?

  • new_tradition

    lol, I’m not even gonna lie. All I’m thinking now is “why him and not me?”

  • alex


  • farooq

    samsung anriod phones beat nokia . It,s so good. It brings something new.

  • Party on

    Samsung no original innovation at all. Copied the art work.

  • darren

    That man, is lucky. They should put the dragon on a case for other gs3 owners

  • sak500

    Currently enjoying Jellybean on my S3 thanks to leaked testing FW samsung has been releasing over past couple of days.

    Feel bad story of the Day, LG still hasn’t upgraded my Optimus 3D with ICS…FU LG = Lie Good, Lousy Goods.

  • Mike

    This is exactly why I’m a proud owner of Samsung products, They are number 1 for a reason, they have the best products in the world, why else has Apple been such a cry baby over Samsung, cause Samsung is over powering Apple with the best products and Apple are having a huge problems competing against Samsung. So Apple figured they can’t compete smartphone to smartphone cause samsung is to powerful in this market, so Apple is misusing court proceedings to try to compete. Apple is a lousy company with no innovation nor creativity, only thing going for them is lawsuits after lawsuits against everyone. Which tells you everything about this company, they have nothing going for themselves. I will always be a loyal Samsung customer, cause Samsung has real innovation and huge creativity, and aren’t cry babies. Samsung are a great company cause they compete with real products and they can back themselves up with top of the line products, and they don’t misuse court proceedings to compete unlike Apple.
    And FYI Apple, Samsung doesn’t need to copy your garbage Iphone, cause the Iphone sucks and boring, Iphones are stuck within the same realm as the original Iphone with no changes to the look and feel, while Samsung has moved on with better and newer products which blows IPhones out of the water. Apple you need to stop trying to compete in this market with dumb court proceedings, and start concentrating on creating newer better products other than releasing the same boring Iphone year after year with no real changes. I think thats what your problem is, your to busy with all these lawsuits, and you have forgotten about your customers and forgetting about creating newer better products, and your blaming other companies for your lose in market share. So your retaliating against Samsung for over powering your lose in competition. Get over yourself Apple.

    And Samsung your the best, And reading this story about Samsung given back to a loyal customer is so awesome, keep up the good work Samsung, I will stick by you for ever. I have banned Apple Products from ever being in my house.

  • mihir

    Really seems like the act of a company hellbent on copying Apple doesn’t it?
    when would apple ever do this?

  • Robellus-Troll-Jock

    Rogers gave free phones out before. Rogers cares about it’s customers

  • Robellus-Troll-Jock

    Rogers gives out free phones or low cost phones. All you have to do is sign a short 3 year contract.
    I even get 250mb data per month ! Which is more than enough for most people.
    I also get 150 daytime minutes and free nights and weekend calling after 9pm. It’s a bargain

  • Richard

    I have two Samsung tv’s. Have had galaxy 1,2, and sold to my workers. Now I’m running the three. Need a cool custom note 2 now. There new fifteen inch ultra book cross looks absolutely sick but I want to wait till Christmas to you upgrade as my zenbook has been the best computer I’ve ever owned.

  • GetwithIT

    is this the iphone 5?

  • bubblegoat chicken


    Burninating the countryside…
    Burninating the peasants…

  • Danny

    So not fair. I have way more Samsung devices than Shane…Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note (for work), Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung LED TV, Samsung home theater and I also have Samsung fridge, washer and dryer! BUT I wasn’t smart enough to create a Facebook page and lack the artistic skills of a 6 year old.
    Too bad its not a hand-drawn a hot babe instead of a lame dragon, RAWR!

  • all in alain

    apple to me is like vomithing in my mouth !!

  • drone

    Looks like sh*t lol, but still pretty cool on Samsung’s part nonetheless.