LG Optimus L3 coming to Fido


  • Mike

    Wow, 3 year old specs selling for $300. One step forwards two steps back.

  • John Lee

    Gingerbread? Are you kidding?

  • Sir

    And once more, people failed to understand what an entry level phone is.

    • NienorGT

      For the same price, Fido is already selling the LG L7 with slightly better specs and ICS stock. (it still a very bad phone tho) So this make no sense!

      Koodo have the Galaxy S 2X for the same price and the One V for $175…
      In comparison, both have ICS onboard, the One V is better than this crap for almost half the price and the GS2X totally obliterate it at the same price.

      If one’s stuck to Fido, well, the Xperia U is at the same price and come with a 1GHz DC and is upgradable to ICS.

      There’s NO reasons to get that LG crap…

    • jack

      Yeah but….its an LG :/

  • TP

    This for $300?
    Or Koodo SG2X for $300 – $100 GC?
    Or Mobilicity GN for $300 (though it’s extremely difficult to get one at that price)?

  • josef

    LG Is s***s.
    They will never give their customers updates.

  • josef

    I bought the LG Optimus G2X from Wind mobile, LG didn’t released updates as they promised and the phone is still running froyo 2.2

    I am not willing to spend about 1/3 of my life for updates through xda…

    Never again LG products

  • relevant84

    Tell me where the article says “this will be $300.”. It doesn’t. It says you can expect it to come in under $300. You guys need to read the articles, not skim them.

  • juneboy

    why does lg keep released phones???

  • I don’t get it..

    What’s the point of this phone, the specs are incredibly weak and it’s LG! you better believe that this phone will never get updated…

    • 45

      I imagine it’ll be an entry level phone that does not require anything other than Fido’s standard plans.

  • jack

    No!! We don’t want it. Take it back.