HTC Desire C now available at Virgin and SaskTel, coming soon to Fido and Rogers


  • Arkspark

    Is this BB 10?

    • bob

      You are a huge douche!!

    • Lolcopter

      Something in common with your mom, Bob. She also uses a huge douche

    • Cody

      No, it’s the closest iPhone competitor, 2008 specs and a 3.5″ screen! 😛

    • YouSuck

      Yes, it is BB10. And at that price it is a steal. You should buy a bunch and give them to all your friends. Perhaps then you’ll stop asking in every MS post if it is BB10.

  • Duw

    Holy crap, 600GHz processor! 😀

    • All I do is Wind

      600Mhz is pretty weak… I guess it fits the price… if it wasn’t for that it would be an ok phone…

  • no1 u no

    Wtf iz sasktell????????????????????????

    • Matt

      Saskatchewan Telecom. SaskTel

  • no1 u no

    Iz sasktell lyke a stoar or sumthin

    • All I do is Wind

      It’s a provider in saskachewan…

  • bob

    @lolcopter thats right, she does! How’d you know?

  • zofia

    your qqing about a 150 device with 600mhz…. its meant to be a entry level android,,,, so the honda civic should have 250 hp on it psssss,,,, if you want to complain make it reasonable,,,,

  • nrj4life

    Way to go with the pricing SaskTel. Just what it’s worth. Now should one get it at $99 on a 1-year or $99 outright? Decisions decisions.

    • HwyXingFrog

      I see $75 on a 1 year, but since I’m on Telus I would have to get a friend on Sasktel to pick this one up for me, then get it unlocked for use with my Telus SIM card.

  • HwyXingFrog

    Sasktel is the main Cellular/Phone/Internet/TV/Security provider in Saskatchewan (Canada).

    Once they have complete root/unlock/custom bootloader/ROMs for this phone I won’t hesitate to get one from Sasktel at $99.

    That price is crazy, especially since I know Telus charges $150 for a cheap beater used loaner if you have to send yours away for warranty.

    And, then you can use it as a $100 network camera with the IP Webcam app.

  • no1 u no

    Wtf is sakatchuan

    • Y U NO

      You asked that question several times already.

  • G. Price

    $99 for this phone? that is a good price.