Bell to release the Motorola ATRIX HD LTE and Motorola RAZR V “early August”


  • Mapple

    Yay motorola!

  • EddieWinslow

    I am curious to see what the screen on the Atrix looks like. the resolution on the original atrix was great, but the colours sucked…

  • Cody

    Motorola is doing exactly what Samsung has been doing for the past two years; Coasting off the success of the RAZR. Just small refreshes wrapped up in the same package each time.

  • IMO

    Not wild about the phone but hopefully this pushes the Bell/virgin Samsung Galaxy S2 to End of Life and drops to $299 or less It was $350 a week ago)

  • Fenrir

    Hopefully Motorolla smartens up and doesn’t realize underpowered laggy devices this time and doesn’t mess up their device by swapping out the chipsets like they did with the original razr

  • jay

    and when will MOTOROLA authorize-allow-submit to ROGERS for release the update for the RAZR XT910 of 4.0 ICE CREAM??? it was originally scheduled for release in the 2nd. quarter of 2012….any idea when?