Toronto Police say pocket-dials have decreased by 10,000, videos released about the impact of butt-dials


  • Justin

    It’s because it was a default button on the unlock screen of blackberrys. No one has Blackberrys anymore.

    • Hemway

      Agree. Correlation between RIM’s marketshare dropping like a rock and people not using berries anymore…hence less butt dials

      RIP RIM

  • Hammam

    I really thought the 2nd was someone dying.

    • Matt

      I do think that was the point of the second one. If you were a dispatcher you would have wasted your time.

  • Henaway

    I’m sorry, my phone is far too expensive to put in my back pocket and sit on. I don’t care how awesome Gorilla Glass is. Also makes it far too easy for something to steal when you’re not paying attention.

    • Jordan Hill

      Steal from your butt? how big is it? ha!!!!

  • cory c

    ya my old BB had a stupid emergency button, i must of called 911 about 2 times a week. lol

  • captain67

    I haven’t had this problem even once with either of my phones, and both are always left in a back pocket when being taken out with me. For reference, one is a Galaxy S2 and the other is an Xperia Play.

  • Matt

    “The Toronto Police crest does not actually wink.”

  • roman20

    It’s not butt dials, but taking phone out of the butt, and accidentally hitting the Emergency button on the unlock screen.

    I expected those butt heads to be butter informed.

  • Ron

    I feel like this would be almost impossible on an iPhone or Android phone. First it has to hit the unlock button, then slide to unlock, then hit the phone app and dial the correct number. I don’t see how that could possibly happen by accident. I’ve never had my iPhone unlock itself once.

  • TestMe

    What is it called when my phones dials 9-1-1 from my chest?

    • Squirrel

      Never thought your belly would trigger it, but I guess it depends how high up you pull your jeans.

      I can see it now…
      “Toronto Police do not want you to flab-finger your phone.”

  • Jeremy

    Android and iOS also have this issue. It’s hard to balance having the “emergency dial” function being easy to access while keeping the false dials down. Most phones allow dialing 911 even when locked.

  • Mischa Price

    yes my old touch dumphone but dialed all the time because all you had to do to unlock it was hold a touch button 4 three seconds and then my blackberry peirl but dialed and but dialed 911 but my android phone has never unlocked it’s self or been a problem

  • replytonew

    The second one is snoring. 😀

  • blah blah

    A lot of the older Android phones on stock ROMs had “911” already entered into the Emergency Dialer’s number field by default, making it way too easy to butt-dial with 2 accidental button presses. I don’t know which i***t made that design decision but they deserve to be shot and refused by emergency services, LOL.

  • Dan

    If most of these butt dials were from Blackberry phones and they have dropped 10,000 calls in the first 6 months of the year…. RIM is so screwed.

  • Bubbles

    Last time I butt dialed they asked my what kind of phone I was using. they have that data.

  • kar

    If these pocket dials (or stopping them) keep the Toronto Police off our streets I’m all for it.

    The Toronto Police Services – damaged, mismanaged and corrupt beyond chance of repair. Bring in the OPP.