Future Shop puts a ton of new Acer and Toshiba tablets up for pre-order

Looks like Future Shop has gone a little buck wild today and have put a ton of new Android tablets up for pre-order. Included is the new Acer A700 tablet we wrote about a few days ago, and all the new Toshiba Tegra 3 tablets announced back in April, including the giant (at least for an Android tablet) 13.3” Toshiba AT330.

All these pre-orders also give us a better idea of the availability and pricing of these new models. The Acer A700 will be $449.99, and has an ETA of 07/13/2012. The Toshiba models vary in their availability and pricing, with the $649.99 13.3” 32GB AT330 coming as soon as next week, on 06/18/2012, the 10.1” 16GB AT300 on 07/02/2012, for $449.99, and the 7.67” 16GB AT270 for $499.99, also on 07/02/2012. Of course all these dates are subject to change, but I think the pricing is pretty much well locked down.

Out of all the new models listed, the AT270 and AT330 are the most interesting. The AT270 runs ICS, has an AMOLED 1280×800 screen, and is only 7.84mm thin. The AT330 is also super-thin at 9.81mm, runs ICS, has a Tegra 3 inside, and a huge 1600×900 13.3” screen.  Hopefully we’ll be able to go hands-on with them soon.

Source: Future Shop