Windows Phone Marketplace reportedly passes over 100,000 published apps


  • astudent


    All joking aside, this is encouraging as a windows phone user 🙂

  • jellmoo

    The Windows MArketplace has just enough apps to be competitive and fill just about every need, and is missing just enough apps to be frustrating when compared to what is available on iOS and Android.

  • ap

    Apple “blasted” past 100,000, hurray!
    Apple’s competitors, “reportedly”…

  • optimus

    What i really like about windows phone is how their apps are made.
    I mean i just love the different size/font texts and the dark background, makes windows phone apps seem very very VERY high quality (which they are) compared to android and even ios.
    If wp catches on in a few years, i can see many developers gaining considerable interest in windows…
    I hope for the best for windows phone, and look forward to getting a nokia wp8 by next year (if i can hold off on buying the gorgeous lumia 800/900 that is)

    • Jojo

      I agree with you on this. The Windows Mobile OS is sleek and I’ve tried it on the new Nokia Lumia 900. The phone is awsome as well. I just might switch over to Windows OS on their next releasing phone(Nokia or Samsung)… Lets wait and see.

  • Yeria

    Good for Windows Phone. I always believed in more competition and this is a good sign.

    More competitors = lower cost for consumers

  • aregularonhofo

    I have 2 Nokias and by far they are my favorite phones, they’re stable and work perfectly as described…the smoothness is amzing and no other OS is this precise considering the software is still in it’s infancy. The recent up-dates have fixed almost every small flaw and this is what will distinguish this OS from the rest. I tried the Nokias on both the Rogers and Wind Mobile network and there is no difference, the Nokias seem better suited for Wind rather than the Androids/BB’s and have very good recption…on the other hand they do seem to have problems on the Mobilicity network and it’s not related to the phones when you have dropped calls or slow data. The future seems bright for Windows and they are progressing pretty fast.

  • G -man


  • Chuck

    Sorry but Windows phone is not on Bell. Bell dropped support a while back which is pretty sad. How do they expect a phone to sell if they don’t advertise it?