Fido releases the LG Optimus L7 for $300 outright


  • R

    It actually says 50$ on 2YR, and $0 on 3YR.

    • OneV

      LG L7- $300
      4.3″; Video camera is VGA; GPU Adreno200(the slowest);1700mAh

      HTC One V- $175
      3.7″; Video Camera is 720p; GPU Adreno 205; 1500mAh

      Everything else is identical, the V has the best value and if you want a 4.3″ Virgin has the Samsung Galaxy S2 for $350 with a $25 card now.

      LG L7 is a good phone but should be $225-250.

    • prufrock


      Virgin’s site still says $399 for the S2. Where do you see $350?

  • Kate

    Do not ever buy any locked phones from these crooks

  • Alex Perrier

    It’s already on Fido’s website!

    Anyway, i have to congratulate Fido for their value-priced Androids: Sony Ericsson Xperia pro, LG Optimus L7, Sony Xperia U and not-so-good Samsung Galaxy Q each cost $30 (except the LG at $50) with a two-year contract valid on any plan. There is also the LG Gossip Pro at $0 with a two-year, but i won’t recommend LG smartphones.

    i wish more carriers would have prices like these!

    • ToniCipriani

      Biggest problem with Gossip Pro isn’t it’s an LG, is that it’s processor is complete crap.

  • OneV

    KUDOS TO SYRUP for starting posting the OUTRIGHT prices of the phones!!

    Who qualifies/wants the 3 yr price with conditions anyways!
    Thank you Ian!

    • Alex Perrier

      There is a $25 fee to use your FidoDollars, but there was a promotion recently that gave out an extra $30 credit. Trading in an old phone at Fido means a bonus $25 credit.

      Keep in mind the $25 fee canNOT be paid with FidoDollars. It will sometimes be waived if you renew a contract with Fido.

  • Just Sayin’

    I’m thinking about spending all my Fido dollars to purchase the Sony Xperia U (rather then Optimus L7). Anyone have any comments?

    I want to use up my Fido dollars before I switch carriers.


    • Jim R

      @Just Sayin’: Don’t you have to take out a data contract to use Fido bucks to buy a smartphone? If so, wouldn’t that have an impact on your plan to switch carriers?

    • Yiggy

      Jim R,

      My understanding is you can purchase a smartphone without a data plan and you can pay with your Fido dollars. I’ve been waiting since the beginning of this year to blow my Fido dollars before I switch carriers. I had to wait for something half decent to purchase….I wasn’t going to but the Samsung Galaxy Q or LG Gossip Pro or accessories that can be purchased for half the price.

    • gwydionjhr

      Although I’m not planning on leaving Fido, I did recently use my Fido dollars (almost $400 worth) to purchase a HTC One S, so that I could sell it. I want a WP, and Fido (stupidly IMO) does not offer a single WP.

      It was quite the battle, which included writing letters to the Office Of the President, but I did finally manage to get Fido to let me buy it without requiring me to sign a 3 year data contract, (I’ve never signed a contract with Fido, or any other carrier, and I’m not going to start now) and to unlock it in less than the required 30 days.

      One reason I’m not leaving Fido despite the fact they won’t offer a WP anytime soon… Through all of my troubles the staff at Customer Service, every single one of them, were extremely professional.

    • gwydionjhr

      Technically you do have to take out a 3yr data contract. However, I recently used my Fido Dollars to purchase an HTC One S, as I’ve never done a contract with Fido I wasn’t about to start. It took escalting things right up to writing a letter to the Office of the President, but they did eventually agree to let me purchase the phone without requiring the 3yr data contract. Further negotiation got the 30 day time restriction on having it unlocked lowered as well.

      All of this could have been avoided if Fido would just offer a single Windows Phone instead of mostly crapdroids. Ironically, the HTC One S is one of the few exceptions to that, but I still want a WP.

  • Eluder

    That’s on a monthly plan, ie: the month to month pricing, so it’s cheaper than the outright price.

  • Alex Perrier

    WIND and LG aren’t friends anyway. WIND keeps people up to date. LG doesn’t. No wonder WIND didn’t add new LG phones!

  • Sir

    You don’t have to renew your contract to use your Fido dollars.