WIND updates coverage map showing “planned expansion” for Windsor, Woodstock, Peterborough and Kingston


  • Smith

    Loving the planned highway connection to Peterborough!

    It’s amazing to see how much was accomplished in just two short years. If it wasn’t for the court case, wind would have been even further into their plans.

    HMP2010 – awwww yyyeeeaaaaa!


  • Matthew

    Please, please come to St. John’s!!!!

  • Kryptonian Nighmare

    Great news, if I wanted crappy reception in those areas too. Reception in Southern Ontario area (Hamilton/Burlington)specifically is terrible. Thanks but no thanks Wind.

    • hoo dat

      I live in Burlington (Northshore) in an area that’s supposed to have weaker reception than elsewhere and I have no problems outside what I would expect from any carrier. My grandfather lives in Hamilton and I’m there often and have nothing to report out of the ordinary. The reception I had in Peterborough was next to ideal,so if this is the kind of crappy reception you’re referring to, I’ll take it.

  • hoo dat

    Was in Peterborough briefly over the Easter weekend and WIND was 5 bars from one end of the city to the other. Sent a couple of emails and made a call but didn’t get a chance to check data out. This expansion is perfect for me, will be interesting to see how well they expand outside of the city.

  • Carlos

    Please update coverage in Niagara, there are really big gaps all around, and they haven’t expanded here in St catharines since release

  • Tom R

    I love wind I been looking at moving to Windsor

  • SpikedLemon

    I guess it’ll be about a year by the time they’ll have enough coverage for me to switch.

  • Jason

    Been waiting for the planned expansion around Edmonton for a few years now, just more empty promises from Wind.

  • Jason

    aren’t they already in kingston ? i have gone there twice this year and have had full bars both times i actually get better signal and less delay with data and texts there then in ottawa

  • XER

    Great expansion plan… Now, please fill the holes you have in east Scarborough and South Pickering.

    I have to say Wind has done a lot for the past two years…
    Yes, there are still many many improvements need to be done but the effort and expansion plans are really a superb job. Let’s not waste anymore money or effort on meaningless lawsuit and just focus on improving and expanding network.

    From the way Wind is expanding,it can really have a big dent on the big three in the coming years!

  • kowalski

    slowly but surely, wind will eventually have canada wide coverage and the sad thing about that is wind will drop their unlimited data, their plans will slowly morph into the plans of the big 3. it’s all about profits, the law of the corporate jungle.

    • Bad Apple

      You are such a dipstick – it will take quite a few years before before they will have service across Canada. Right now just enjoy what is available, stop complaining, get off the couch and do something with your life.


      Windonian (ex-kowalski)

  • EvanKr

    Winnipeg and Halifax expansion, please!

  • Alex

    Best news of the day for me! I live in Windsor now and will be moving to Kingston for school next fall, so I will be covered in both areas. Hazza!

  • ace

    some coverage in victoria and kingston too THIS IS AWESOME.

  • Jay

    Holy crap, they have more “zones” in Southern Ontario than most cell companies have across Canada! How the hell do you know when you’re “roaming” and when you aren’t? I’ll just stick with a carrier that works across Canada and doesn’t charge you extra for being outside some microscopic zone.

    • J

      your phone will tell either wind home or wind away. that’s how you know. fido charges when out of their zones. even rogers with no zones charges you airtime and long distance if you are out of the area. and those rates are higher than wind’s

    • Jay

      …and the wind fanboys strike.

      @J: Actually Fido doesn’t charge you when your out of zone unless you specifically tell them that you want to be stuck in a zone (CityFido). They give you the option of being zoned in, they don’t force you to, and when you are they give you better plans and coverage than Wind has. That said, unzoned Fido has a $50 Canada-wide plan, or you can just toss on a $10 addon to give you the ability to use your phone anywhere in Canada. 3 Points Fido, 0 Points Wind. Nice try.

      Now be a good fanboy and thumb this down to hide the truth!

  • StEC

    Great news!!! I just hope they fix the holes in Niagara eventualy but I’m patient I realize getting a new network across such a massive country is not cheap nor easy…. patience to those that are complaining! 🙂

  • John

    Wind has been promising the same coverage area planned for expansion in Vancouver since they first started offered service here.

    It has been years. Instead of expanding into the planned expansion areas, they have been expanding to Whistler and Abbotsford, neither of which were shown as planned expansion awreas.

  • aregularonhofo

    This is really excellent news, I love the way Wind Mobile is expanding faster now after all the legal hassels and Mobilicity’s coverage area in Toronto shrunk after a year of lying to customers claiming there was service in areas that were basically dead. Instead of sticking with fly by night providers Wind Mobile is the only choice and their progression shows they’re serious in competing against the incumbents. Also Wind doesn’t have to drop their rates so low out of desperation to keep customers where they terminate individuals for over usage without informing them first and using tactics that make them look ever so weak.

    Great time to switch to Wind if you’re using one of the other new entrants and join the front runner. Word on the street also is that Wind has a new plan for the 700 Spectrum auction, supposedly a stragedy Telenor used in Europe years ago and if true it could lead to huge gains. Why waste your time with a losers, when Wind Mobile is so much better in everyway and with less to complain about. I also picked up signals in Belleville and I think more areas will be lit up soon in Ontario. Just be patient and get your friends and relatives to join.

    • T1MB0T

      aregularh0mo is so happy now his crappy coverage is all over the place.. windsor is that not where the new call center was supposed to be before the owners pulled the plug on it?

      way to go wind no LTE and now no call center!

    • hoo dat

      Hahahaha! Rocco, you’re freaking hilarious!

      How many times have you predicted WIND’s demise? Must be about 492 times to date. 492 times wrong, how does it feel?

    • T1MB0T

      Feels good, man.

  • Aaron Perry

    Getting Wind Mobile up to Peterborough will be so nice, I’ve been waiting a while for this haha

  • Gus83

    Peterborough has been good to go since before Christmas! Its great to see it as planned expansion after being active for 6 months. I guess Wind learned from their initial launch mistakes of providing a partial network.

  • Lukeiphone

    Wind is actually going pretty hard. And damn this country where they are first allowed to operate and then are contantly struck with endless regulations and court cases. Pretty sad.

  • 5Gs

    Very impressive news =) Go Wind Go!

  • CDL

    Okay but what is the reception like indoors? I understand it’s great now for most of their coverage area but if I need to go outside to receive a call or email while I’m in the restaurant waiting for a friend to arrive or if I’m shopping in a big box store and can’t receive a message or call from my wife trying to connect with me from the other end of the store … well then it doesn’t matter how good it is. What has your experience been like?

  • wind or mobilicity

    Go wind go.

  • Pat

    Is a call or a e mail is so important to a user, then why not roam? I can’t fathom people expecting 3 or 4G speeds for important links, but do not even consider buying a roaming package.

  • aregularonhofo

    Rocco is so flustered over the news he can’t even spell my handle right, realize one thing bonehead Wind Mobile is finally moving ahead and much better than all the other new entrants. Wind is a legal entitity now with strong backers and your racism will not stop them from expanding. At least your alter ego rockjock and even la had sound reasons to be against Wind, however they’re in the market with full blessing of the Supreme Court and all you do is troll based on simple racism. Wind is becoming a great provider and very soon the incumbents will have to respond. Chatr/Solo/etc have already felt the pressure and it’s definitely not from two-bit operations like Mobilicity or Public Mobile, both these companies will be sold eventually as they don’t even have a corporate structure outsourcing everything and by expanding so fast Wind Mobile is basically proving they are making up for lost time. You lost in court, deal with it and quit being a total a*s.

  • 5Gs

    @cdl to be honest with you.. they have amazing service now.. I am with them since the begining and trust me i seen huge improvements..

  • CDL

    Thank you @5Gs

    If we could all keep this forum away from the mudslinging and instead share where you’ve specifically had great, or very poor reception, then us poor saps who continue to pay for the big 3 can determine if Wind is for us or if we should continue to wait. Thank you 🙂

    So where have you had success or challenges with Wind?

  • 5Gs

    Actually had no problem for now at all beside in the beginning when they newly launched but i knew at that time after the rain comes the rainbow.

    Its actually surprising that my bill is always $45.20 since i have holiday miracle plan. No surprises at all. Actually at times my bill went down instead of going up when they had refer a friend deal..

    I strongly suggest you should try it out. Goto them. They have 30 minutes or 30 days return policy.

    I have used their service without any problems in mississauga, brampton, oakville, toronto, ajax, guelph, milton, kitchener, vaughn without any problems.

    You have to have unlimited every thing in order to use your smart phone or else whats the point of having a smart phone if you are worried about your data or minutes.. Right?

  • aregularonhofo

    In regards to Wind Mobile home area in Toronto I can assure you reception/call quality/signal/text messages/data is far superior than any of the other new entrants and dropped calls are basically rare…yes there are a few weak districts still and this is normal for a company that is only 2 years old with all the legal problems they’ve had. In the last 6 months there have been great improvements and the expansion is increasing monthly.

    I should add that we tested with a BB, Nexus and Nokia Lumia 710, by far the Nokia beats all other phones and the unit is a little gem for the price…the cheaper phones may actually be an issue even if used on different providers and obviously a better phone is always more logical. Still, all phones worked fine overall and ran smooth with minor flaws…this is why don’t listen to fanboys from other newbies and morons like rocco. It is no longer “US” against the incumbents, Wind Mobile no longer needs struggling providers like Mobilicity/Public Mobile to flourish and the only benefits would come from buying them out to increase sub totals. Other than this Windies have to challange the garbage that is being thrown and seperate ourselves from those that are failing.

    • T1MB0T

      regularh0mo you are so funny at times. Silly dress and all. Wind has been in a mess since it was sold, and now it is for sale again? All the wind fools keep pointing fingers and you have no idea who I am just come to the gym, warren knows where it is, he came he saw he was slapped like a little girl. Just 1 call into customer service and you will get how great wind is. The made up numbers that tony states just get corrected by his boss. Do a little google.. Vimpelcom buys orascom. then read what is said. does it sting? sure it does but not as much as getting bent over by warren! ha haaa losers!

  • gjeff12

    I got kind of excited when I saw Victoria but then I remembered that they meant Victoria and not Greater Victoria.

  • aregularonhofo

    rooco, we all know who you are…a fat bastard paid by Rogers to attack Wind Mobile on every site you go on with garbage and your crap never changes. The only loser is you. Can you come up with some new material or t least wash your butt after you get paid by your favorite provider since you love beding over.

    • T1MB0T

      Oh regh0mo you have no idea who I am. But your mom does. all kidding aside its your sister that knows. I would have said your gf but the wig on warren is not fooling anyone.

  • johnny

    My family and I use to be with wind — 5 lines. Now all switched away due to the poor voice quality and poor reception. Never looked back. Not worth the trouble

  • Otter

    I support Wind though I work for Mobi.
    Anyone that complains about roaming… or poor reception for important calls in buildings….

    Just throw 30 dollars of roaming onto wind/mobi, and you are still paying less than the big 3 for similar service, and supporting competition in Canada.

    Wind/Mobi customers need to talk less trash to each other. I sign up unhappy wind customers every week, and I’m sure the same is for wind employees. Individual results may vary. The point is competition, and that takes time.

    Especially with the big 3 controlling the CRTC, the content of media, the content distribution of media/news… creating a false sence of competition with sub brands,… I could go on. Good for Wind!

  • Otter

    To the big 3 employees posting here: Our AWS signal isn’t good for inside buildings. True.

    But you do realise that your company pays off the CRTC to lobby the government so we can’t get good signals, and a fair auction?

    *insert godwins law reference*

  • T1MBiT

    Otter you are right! ROBBERS is blocking winds signal! They want the megga hurts that wind has but will not give them! Thank god someone see it for what it is! Tony said daily the thousands of complaints are because Robbers is blocking winds signal! Robbers has been dropping the calls on wind, forcing the 1/2 duplex issues even hacking into the computers so the bills are messed up!!! They even forced wind to move the call centers to the Philippines and Egypt and India! They were bribing the call center staff to not answer calls and to ignore issues! THAT is why we moved the jobs to countries that could not be bribed like they can in Canada! YOU all know wind has the most megga hurts! the best plans and the best customer service!


  • aregularonhofo

    You have to be totally kidding, throw in extra funds in the Mobilicity Wallet and you’ll soon have no money left roaming in the home zone.

    Furthermore, the last thing Wind Mobile customers have to do is co-operate with Mobilicity and the bottom line is competition where we don’t need you in anyway…Wind Mobile is the only option here and it’s time we stop fanboys ruining the reputation of a great company based on lies or trying to make us out as a team (especially the ones coming from the Mobilicity side). An easy solution would be a complete buy-out and Wind will hopefully do that soon before Mobilicity gets bought off by someone else adding problems that will only benefit the incumbents.

    Plus your comments of pay-offs in regards to the CRTC/government is sheer BS, where are your sources and legal evidence to back your claims. Typical crap to hide the fact Mobilicity is doing poorly and that they have no future. Nice try…try again.

  • johnny

    ALL phone users from ALL carriers should be supporting Wind.
    Winds lower pricing is causing the other carriers to lower their prices also.

    Even if you don’t like Wind because of their coverage, phones or whatever, you should be supporting them because they are saving EVERYBODY money…

    • T1MB0T

      Johnny you make good points. The longer Wind stays around the more money the big 3 are making. if you need a reliable service you know it will not come from wind! It is the best sort of advertising. hello there I am on wind and I get no service.. oh thank you kind stranger with your beat up non smart phone with full bars in the basement level of the food court! I can not call and see how my children are.

      I would call and tell you but no signal I understand.

    • Yeria

      You’re welcome T1MB0T.

      We Wind users are saving money and receiving great service AND lowering YOUR monthly bill from your beloved Big 3 at the same time. You get all that while you’re enjoying a*s rape by your lovely Big 3. This is a Win-Win for everybody.

  • aregularonhofo

    Rocco, STFU, you sound like a total i***t, there’s no half duplex anymore and at best Wind Mobile is an international company now owned by a conglomorate that is filled with world wide investors of all nationalities based with a Russian/Norweigan (12 sectors)/Egyptain board…you use the same garbage in every post for 3 years and fail to point out they’re 100% “LEGAL” within Canada regardless the backers. Wind is far more legit after all the scrutiny than Mobilicity/Public Mobile and at least release figures openly.

    • T1MB0T

      Oh ragufagoo Wind was owned by the Egyptians and now the Russians so why lie? 100% of the money came from them no multiple investors everyone knows that! all you have to do is watch the interviews of vimpelcoms owner and he says it clear as day. YOU are just mad because everyone that said they were OWNED was right. Suckkka You are mad because people said wind was getting contracts ad they did suckka you are just mad because wind is limiting the unlimited plans suckka and you are just mad because ind has the worst customer service in the business ( wind forum froves it ) swallowwwa!

      oh it stings I know! but do look at the interview near the end.. ” we are not bring LTE to any market except Wind in Italy and Russia ” well well well

  • koko

    Great… more Chinese Huawei spying gear infiltrating our telecommunication grid 🙁

    • I READ

      I fail how to see that is any different than Bell and Telus using Huawei to build there network. Along with that all 3 carriers Rogers, Bell and Telus have offered or used Huawei equipment to a degree (Rogers actually might not have used them at all). Data sticks from Huawei can spy on you? There phones will spy on you! Everyone and everything is spying on you right?!

    • khk

      The story is about Wind, so I commented on that.. Bell and Telus are in the same boat and their network is a security risk too.. I’m all for new entrants, just not enthusiastic about knock-off spyware from China.

  • Happyboy

    That is awesome my contact is up next year by that time wind will have what I need for coverage

  • Alex Perrier

    This shows that WIND is really serious about being an Ontario-wide network and possibly expand in other provinces! Good news. All there four cities will soon have access to reasonably priced monthly plans! 🙂

  • Plazmic Flame

    Wind Mobile is in Beast Mode!

  • Burger Expert

    What took you so long AP. BTW, no one cares what you say, please go away. Sooner the better.

    • Alex Perrier

      No, i’ll comment if i want.

  • aregularonhofo

    Don’t worry about it Alex, as long as you irritate the Mobilicity fanboys and trolls like rocco you must be doing something right…nothing you say is inaccurate and that’s what disturbs them most. The only thing I hear from the losers is childish insults and no worthwhile comments. Keep your web-site going and spread the message.

  • T1MB0T

    Alex please do stop posting. as a poster child for wind I think your opinion is as useful at ragoofagoos. Just read a porting saga on wind. smack of truth

    much like warren slaps you 2 both.

  • microchip01

    @John – Most of the areas currently marked “planned expansion” on the Vancouver coverage map now have “Wind Home” coverage. That coverage hole out on HWY 99 in Delta is now filled, White Rock coverage is great, there’s a functional tower in Ladner now too. Probably they’re just slow in updating their coverage map.

  • SpectrumSchmectrum

    Your move Mobilicity. Oh wait, Mobilicity can’t move, because they have no money and are going bankrupt.
    Mobilicity is for losers who live in their parents basements and doesn’t have a social life. They’re happy because they don’t leave their 5 cities…cause they have nothing to do.

    • T1MB0T

      odd if they are losers in the basement and they get signal how do the winners on wind get no signal most places? I am sure Dimbit will pipe up and say it is because rogers is blocking them. Always blame the company with 9 million subs that makes more than the 200 million on simpelcom!

      stings more that johnn aftershave on warrens nuts. Hey that is what blackout says!

  • deltatux

    I think WIND should stop focusing on expansion and focus on densification instead. What’s the point of having many new cities if all the existing ones and the new ones all have numerous dead spots? Even Toronto, the launch city has hundreds of dead or poor spots. York University is one of hundreds of dead spots for WIND.

    People are making fun of Mobilicity for not expanding, at least they’re improving service by densifying their network which makes the experience all the better. WIND is stretching themselves too thin and it shows, many times my WIND phone will lose signal even in areas with dense populations because none of the nearest tower can cover the section of the street I’m driving through…

    • T1MB0T

      Mobli is not for sale. Wind is. Again. Mobli is keeping the quality up and the windtrolls angry!

      Wow for sale again! and tony is busy wearing dresses and watching Broadway shows. Warren said he looks divine in yellow. regaufagoo loves his pink phone cover! No need to blame the hello kitty cover for the lack of signal

  • Comenter


  • Atrix

    Still no service in southeast Scarborough. wind = fail

  • aregularonhofo

    Just a pile of garbage from absolute trolls, Wind is expanding and the improvements are visible…on the other hand Mobilicity just shrunk their coverage after a year of claiming they had towers where they didn’t and their service is a joke.

    Furthermore, rocco is a complete fool and just read his comments that make him look like a real a*s, get a life for God sake and quit being an i***t…your repeated jokes aren’t even funny anymore and you sound like a fruit describing what you probably do each day.

    • deltatux

      Drive to Bayview Avenue and Stouville Road and tell me if you still get WIND signal. WIND says it’s covered there, but I get no signal. My phone will just go into roaming.

      Even on Keele Street and Highway 7 is very spotty, sometimes phone will go into roaming as well.

      Both spots are listed as covered by WIND and it should have at least basic signal.

      WIND’s service has so far been spottier than Mobilicity especially in places like York Region. They need to focus on densifying their existing zones before expanding, not the other way around.

  • aregularonhofo

    Drive to the Path in downtown Toronto in the busiest business section of the city and see if you can make a call or what DL speeds are using Mobilicity and the whole GTA, furthermore with my Nokia Lumia 710 I have absolutely no problems using Wind and your claim that Mobilicity is better is absurd…Wind Mobile does not have hundreds of dead spots and you’re just trolling.

  • Justin

    Woodstock, my home town. Already established in London where I go to school. Yippee!

  • T1MB0T

    ragufagoo you amuse us all here. It must really bother you that wind is in such trouble. No answer to the posts your warren is making? the links to the for sale sign? the CEO stating for all to hear that he has no intention of investing in the Canadian market since as he put it ” investing in a established market that is far superior to what we can offer was a mistake that we will not continue to make. ” Thanks for the tidbiit warren!

  • T1MB1T

    Look that the lies from robbers!
    On April 14th, my phone buzzed four times within a few seconds, with four identical picture messages, containing an image on my phone.

    While I had not sent that image to anyone via text message, I received these four messages from Wind stating that I had.

    I did not think anything of it, assuming that there was some glitch on Wind’s end, until I discovered that I had been charged $4 extra that month, which could only have come from those four messages.

    I called Wind, explained the problem, and was told it would be looked into.

    A week later I was informed that a credit had been denied because I had sent those messages (even though I had not).

    Wanting to know more, I asked where these messages were apparently sent to, and was given a 316 number and told that the location was Wichita, Kansas, USA.

    When I informed the Wind rep that even if I had sent those messages my Holiday Miracle Plan should have included it, since I have unlimited Canada/US picture messaging, the rep informed me that I was mistaken, that Wind does not have unlimited Canada/US picture messaging, that my plan does not include this service, and that I would be charged $0.20 for every picture message I sent to the US.

    I asked why then had I been charged $1.00 for each message if it should only be 20 cents, and upon signing into my Wind account (during our conversation), why my plan details state that unlimited Canada/US picture messaging is included in my service, which is what I signed up for and had been told all along.

    Since then, 4 or 5 case tickets have been created, and I have had to deal with all sorts of nonsense, such as Wind reps understanding perfectly what the issue is and wanting to directly issue me a credit and having that denied repeatedly by head office, other Wind reps being completely unskilled (one supervisor abruptly left our conversation for approximately 4 minutes and the only reason I knew she was still there is because she was yelling at one of her colleagues in a foreign language), being told that I would be called back, once in 2 days and another time in 3 hours, and not receiving any call or notification whatsoever, and having to deal with Wind reps who lack basic sense/intelligence (one Rep started to aggressively argue that my plan included unlimited US picture messaging and that, ‘Kansas was not covered because it was not in the US, it was in North America, and my plan did not include unlimited North America, only unlimited US’. (!?!)

    I have spent approximately 15 hours on an issue that should have never affected me – I did not send those messages, and even if I had the charges should have been covered by my plan – and no one at Wind has done anything to help, and in many cases has made things much worse.

    I am a loyal, and otherwise satisfied Wind customer, who has recommended and signed up other people to Wind, but this experience has caused me to question whether I would refer anyone else to Wind, or even continue to use the service myself.

    At this point, I am not happy with how I have been treated; the security of my phone was compromised (a picture from my phone was sent to an unknown number), I was unfairly charged (I did not send those messages and even if I had they should have been covered in the plan I signed up for, which includes unlimited Canada/US picture messaging), I have been insulted, lied to, and misinformed by customer service and ignored by head office, and now, one month later, I am having to take time away from my day and other responsibilities to write this letter, because in over 12 calls and 6 case tickets there has been no solution, resolution, or follow-through, whether I have spoken to front line reps or managers/supervisors.

    I want a $4 credit from the charges unduly taken from me, and I want significantly more (such as free or discounted service for a few months) for all of the troubles that Wind has put me through, for an issue that could have and should have been taken care of promptly during my first call.

    Failing to deal with this in a reasonable or effective way has wasted both my time and that of various Wind employees, from reps and supervisors, to technical and management, and anyone else who will now have to get involved to solve a problem that should have been relatively easy to deal with immediately.

    All lies! Wind is not like that at all! they will fix the issue and educate you on how to use your phone properly!

  • aregularonhofo


    The only amusing thing about you rocco is your fat a*s due to eating so many sausages, the fat is tightening your hanging belly so much you become delusional and start writing repeated garbage.

    If Wind was for sale you moron do you actually believe the company would be building out, Tony’s response to the 700 Spectrum Auction in regards to the government’s decision was actaully dead on showing Canadians the move was bad giving the incumbents everything they wanted and a lot better than Mobilicity’s stance who just kissed the PC’s butt by agreeing with them…remove the grand standing and I assure you Globealive will be at the auction with their backers and “if” sold after that will be to investors that wish to compete against the incumbents. Vimpelcom/Orascom/Telenor have NEVER sold to an incumbent and they always go with outside sources who either wish to enter a new market or include other services in the territory. You know squat and all you do is make a fool out of yourself. To even imply that Mobilicity is more stable is a sheer joke and why their service is so terrible. At least rockjock and la had sound beefs against Wind in the beginning…however after 3 years of BS you sound like a clown and your alter-ego proves you’re a twit.

    • T1MB0T

      fagooraguu I was not talking about what Tony said. I am talking about what Tonys boss said. Warren posted the link. Vimpelcoms CEO, winds owner and tonys boss was asked point blank about wind canada and his answer was telling. ” ” investing in a established market that is far superior to what we can offer was a mistake that we will not continue to make. ” OUCH! He goes on to say LTE is going to happen in Italy and Russia. I do not take what tony says as true ever. Every time he posted a subscriber number he was corrected. He would state he was getting more funding and it would fall through. HIS boss said no LTE then he says No lte. If tony came to my gym he would say he can lift 220 and we all know he will manage 100 maybe. So you admit it was sold once already? Most windidiots claim it was never for sale yet the old owner said it was. Now the new owner says it is for sale. AGAIN! No need to thank me just thank warren he posted it. On a lighter note the flood of complaints on wind is causing the moderators a head ache! They get no rest constantly deleting posts and having the paid poster try and change the topics. Windsor call center.. ummm ragufagoo whats the ETA on that? ha haaaa

  • aregularonhofo


    Rocco, do you realize signing up for the Rogers Home Phone on the promo is a “SCAM”, if you cancel out after only 1 month there is a cancellation fee of 11 months totalling $220 for services you won’t even receive…do you really want to get into all the phony mobile charges Rogers lays on people where they don’t have a voice to fight back being kept hostages and have paid for decades making Robbers billions.

    The incumbents are not afraid of fly by night operations like Mobilicity or Public Mobile, they are afraid of Wind Mobile who has the backers and the Big Three will even resort to racism to stop Globealive just like “YOU” with absolute BS…this is why customers from other new entrants have to switch to make the company stronger and more are coming over to Wind now than leaving. With expansion it only adds to the benefits in the long term and if there are weak areas unlike the other new entrants who are far worse it’s a small price to pay to force changes on the Big Three. Chatr/Solo/etc have been hit hard where they are suffering and only Wind has the chance to make a dent.

    • T1MB0T

      oh ragoofagoo you really are getting high on the wind muffins. Do sit down and listen. None of the big 3 have done a thing yet against wind or mobli or public. Ask yourself this. IF rogers wanted to end wind they could simply match the rates and match the zones. YOU would switch in a heartbeat.. oh just think of it.. any phone working! No pretend networks, clear calls, roaming anywhere in the world.. oh wait they are not doing that why because wind is no threat. The endless complaints, the endless problems, dropped calls still? 1/2 duplex again? careful if the pollen count is too high that will block the wind signal.

      your mom and sis say hi! I gave them a few bucks standing on the corner waiting for signal is hard work.

      BTW nice dress

  • aregularonhofo

    You’re a i***t rocco, Solo went out of business and chatr is headed in the same direction…the Big Three have done nothing because they can’t do anything and just keep customers locked into contracts. Still, the trend is changing and Wind is expanding with more growth…something the incumbents can’t stop and fear after exhausting all their legal avenues. If anyone has endless complaints it’s against Rogers mostly who you work for and your opinions of Wind are very poor, in a couple of years has advanced significantly and there is no dropped calls/half duplex…something Rogers failed to prove and conned the public just like you do with your script. Plus you think Rogers/Bell/Telus don’t have dropped calls, for the money you’re paying many buildings are completely dead and it’s a joke that they have perfect service…just like the claims about Mobilicity and Public Mobile who are worse and if it wasn’t for Wind you’d still be paying mortgage rates with the incumbents who have ripped off customers for years. Make your jokes about Wind…however the incumbents fear them and as Wind grows the fear intensifies.

  • aregularonhofo

    It doesn’t matter who you were talking about fool, show boating is one thing and reality is another…if Wind was being sold they would not be expanding or wasting capital. Rogers cannot match Wind’s prices you a*s, if they did stockholders would bail and that’s one thing I would love to see a drop in profit…so Roger’s only option left is reduce their rates a bit/keep customers locked in/bash Wind claiming their is poor service. Still, once Wind expands the story changes and new areas that have been brutalized by the incumbents in terms of rates will soon switch to Wind…if Wind does sell it will be to someone in taking on the Big Three and it won’t be someone small. Either way Wind wins regardless of the owners and for now there is no indication of sale. There is actually more proof that Mobilicity will sell and their faltering service indicates this. Public Mobile is already in talk with Bell and that’s why they pushed the Supreme Court scenario totally failing in the end.

  • wind or mobilicity

    seriously, why doesn’t mobilicity just give up. They have no money anyways.

  • Mohamed Abdinur

    I have been to Windsor these last few weeks, and I can definitely say the network is alive and fully powered as a Wind Home Zone. I have seen Wind network employees scurrying around town as well … the store is the last thing remaining for the local people. If you are coming from Toronto, or any where else while already carrying a Wind powered phone; rest assured the network is currently working.

  • Al Mamun

    I am moving to Ottawa , Barrhaven Area , where wind coverage is very slim or Wind away . When I see the wind coverage map, it says planned expansion. Does any one know when the planned expansion will happen?