Canada Post releases “Stamps Alive” iPhone app

Canada Post is attempting to make stamps fun again. They recently released a new app called “Stamps Alive” and gives “stamps in a whole new dimension.” In order to use this augmented reality app you’ll have to purchase either a booklet of Franklin the Turtle or Calgary Stampede stamps, then use your camera to “unlock 3D games and interactive fun!”

For the Franklin stamps you’ll get to direct him through a 3D maze to help him mail a letter. There are two types of Calgary Stampede stamps. The first is a Pet horse in which you can “Pet it and watch it react.” Next is the Barrel Racing stamp that makes you compete in a barrel racing rodeo. There’s also a slight social aspect, but can’t really see anyone using it, as you can share pics of you new pet horse or best barrel racing time via Facebook or email.

The Stamps Alive app is free and can be found here.

Source: Canada Post
Via: iPhoneInCanada