Samsung giving carriers “Galaxy S III interactive training sessions”


  • Shamu

    Just canceled my June vacation. No way I’m missing out on my sales commissions on this monster!!! Hey Telus, let’s make sure we have enough boxes to sell. No stock outs like we have now on the Galaxy S2X please!!

    • ASDASD

      its great you have such enthusiasm, but man you gotta read more closely..

      if their training ends june 27th, then we should expect a launch in july! enjoy your vacation man!

    • OgtheDim

      You misunderstand ASDASD……..Shamu wants to go to ALL the training sessions.

      ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Cancuckle215

    Hopefully my device comes BEFORE then from Expansys. 🙂

  • vengefulspirit99

    I should use this whole commission thing to extort…

  • p

    This doesn’t necessarily mean the release date will be AFTER June 27th.

    That wasn’t the case with the One X, which was released before the training sessions were even done.

  • dinmab

    what are they going to train for 21 days ??? even 21 hrs is waaay too much imo.

  • Marco

    Waiting after june 27th for this phone is way too long. I’m getting the HTC One X.

  • Boojay

    I love how they’re advertising this as “A more human experience” when they designed this phone for elephants. SMDH

  • John

    Its a 2 hour training session.

  • Richard

    I believe this is being misinterpreted by some. Those dates would be available dates for the training. Not the actual length of the course lol. Obviously they can’t train all employees for all the carriers at the same time.

    imo, the phone will be released before June 27th… time will tell…

    • OgtheDim

      That would be an interesting session to sit in on though if they were all in one room.

      Wind people would be in the hallway and come in reluctantly.

      Solo people would be trolling for jobs with other firms.

      Rogers would be insisting that they paid for certain seats that the Fido people are sitting in.

      Telus people would be wondering what is for lunch.

      Bell people would be in a group, not talking to anybody.

  • Jay

    @ vengefulspirit99

    Lets do it

  • Jason

    I was on with Bell yesterday and they told me “first week of June” but that was as close as they knew and would say.

    Combined with this new information, this could indeed be a possibility.

    Time cannot go fast enough for us to find out….

  • Shamu

    No training required on this puppy. it will be an easy sell. Do you want it in white or blue??? 😛 ..You guys are too funny. You’re obviously not paid on commission. People are asking for the phone in store. Hey Samsung!!, how about a comp plan that will give the sales rep a galaxy 3 for every 5 sold? Samsung, don’t forget us front line people.

  • Bb4everz

    Really? who cares about training sessions just launch the phone already

  • Johentie

    After June 27th is too long of a wait… ARGH…

    i am hoping for a mid june release!!

    but who knows what these people are thinking..

  • Johentie

    what;s the point of training and wasting money doing so with these carriers…

    u walk in and ask a simple question and they don’t know!

    some guy at the Rogers store told me that the HTC One X had a quad core and 32GB of RAM… he is right… but for the international version..

    i looked at him and said “hmmm nice….i’ll wait for the S3..”

    his response…

    “The S3 won’t get launched till September, ur better off getting this one”

    my response
    “do you get commission selling these phones? i’ll still wait for the S3”

    • Blair

      Pretty sure the international version doesn’t have 32GB of RAM, it has one.

  • ace

    wind is gona get this phone too at some point, T-mobile’s got it.

  • Azzo

    I bet its coming around “June 3rd – June 27th” period.

  • im anonomys… however you spell it

    i may or may not work for Bell.

    Launch date is June 20th.

    your welcome 🙂