Dell’s first Windows 8 tablet specs leak, Atom chip and 2GB RAM in tow



    Dear dell

    why you even waste time bring another product to this cheap land, and it never will be able to sale anything in full price.



  • Tminus

    Uggg intel atom, im disgusted. Microsoft and dell fail again. I highly doubt you’ll get more then 4 hours battery life

    • gwydionjhr

      Don’t cha think some (perhaps alot) of that 1.57lbs comes the battery? That, plus Win8 is even more efficient than Win7 means I’ll bet you’re wrong on that 4 hours.

    • Daniel

      you do realize it’s a clover trail CPU. don’t judge it’s battery life until you’ve used it.

  • jellmoo

    The power drain is a legitimate concern, given that it is more or less unproven. I am actually more concerned with the cost of the device and the weight. The tablet market has more or less turned into a two horse race: The iPad vs low cost alternatives. If this comes in at a higher price than the iPad, I don’t see it having a bright future. And weight wise, it is coming in at roughly 50-90g heavier than the new iPad, which may be a deal breaker for more than a few people.

  • mrmarquis

    This will not be a threat to the Ipad but to Android tablets.

    • John

      how is this going to compete with the Android tablets when those are going to be at least half price and probably perform better? maybe just for the MS Office nostalgia…

  • Jean-Michel

    If I could use a wireless mouse and keyboard with this tablet, it would totaly replace my home computer. On the go tablet + complete computer experience would be awesome!

    • Samuel

      I bet that with the docking you could do just that. even connecting the usb thingy from logitec will allow you to go wireless.

  • Dan

    Specs are nothing without a price.

  • Mas

    Finally Win 8 tablets are becoming reality. I can’t wait to ditch my Android tablet for a Win 8 tablet. Nothing personal, I loved my Asus Transformer when it first came out, I just found that after more than a year owning an android tablet, still I can’t do some of the basic things (like connect a USB bluRay or DVD drive or anything USB for that matter except basic things like mice or flash drives, can’t play common video formats etc.) Plus its laggy as hell sometimes. Really hope Win 8 does a better job.

  • Vince

    Waiting for Haswell…

  • NienorGT

    I still prefer my HP TM2 to this…
    I hope they will do REAL TabletPCs (You know, with some horse power) so I don’t have to buy a Tablet and a laptop.

  • Sirius

    This needs to be $399, max $499 but I think it’ll be 599

  • DonSod

    I thought all Windows 8 tablets would be using ARM chip technology (called Windors RT). So I’d surprised about this. It’s PCs I’ve understood would be runing Intel type chips (x86) for Windows 8.