Enterprise smartphone wars: iPhone vs. BlackBerry


  • Andy

    “Regardless of the perception of BlackBerry being a more secure device, I can’t help point out the obvious: if Apple can run Apple using iPhones (one of the most profitable companies in history), then why can’t any other business do the same?”


    • gurtej08

      Wow, I don’t know if I should be upset or feel sad for both you and Jennifer. You guys think that Apple became successful using Iphones? Apple was almost bankrupt in the early 2000’s and started to turn their business around after the ipod which was introduced well before the iphone. What phone do you think they used then when their business was starting to take off (here’s a hint, a phone from the company that is known in the global business market as the best).

      P.S. Jennifer, as much as it displeases me too say this, you seem to be one of the many people who are spewing out Apple Propaganda just so you can seem to be cool.

  • nik

    When will apple make a WIND compatible device..
    This sounds awesome

    • Adam

      No business that wants to be taken seriously will use Wind.

  • Phyxius

    one obvious thing blackberry has over iphone are service books and BES. a phone is for work and companies can limit what employees can do on their phones such as games and such.
    apple doesn’t have that level of security so of course people would be more interested in an iphone they can download a shitload of games on it and they can’t stop them from doing it, which will cause more distraction at work…
    until apple can fix that for businesses at this moment i think bb has a leg up for that aspect… bb isn’t out of the business market. apple has to really prove itself to take over this side of the business.

    • Exactly

      “if Apple can run Apple using iPhones (one of the most profitable companies in history), then why can’t any other business do the same?”


    • Dukey

      The capability to limit apps that can be installed or not on the iPhone is provided by Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools such as MobileIron or AirWatch (and soon maybe even Blackberry Fusion).

      As for BES, I personally think it is a liability (think the BES outage last year), why route all your corporate email through third-party servers? It was fine before Exchange ActiveSync, but is now redundant.

      To survive, RIM can’t entrench itself into the Corporate market which it is now slowly losing. With enterprise adoption of iPads, it automatically makes companies able to support iPhones, and accelerates the migration off Blackberry. This is a movement that is going on in most Fortune 500 companies.

    • d3v14n7

      Apple also has to make sure ridiculous vulnerabilities aren’t present in iOS which could compromise any business’ data… So far, Apple has failed horribly. Until the iPhone and/or iPad can no longer be jailbroken, it will never be anywhere near as secure as any BB device.

  • 1lomeri

    This was a horrible comparison of devices, All that was discussed was the iphone, it hardly mentioned anything that the blackberry does, or even doesn’t. iphone may be good for the workplace, but you certainly did a less than fair comparison with its blackberry counterpart. It would be nice to read an article with less bias and a true comparison. it seems that apple paid for this, and tbh, i hope they did.

    • Jennifer Daly

      I wish Apple paid me to write for them lol, but they don’t. I wrote this as a user with both a BlackBerry and an iPhone and simply the direction I see business users going in. As a someone who has owned nearly every single BlackBerry launched, it was very hard for me to write this… but it’s the truth.

    • gurtej08

      Jennifer, owning every blackberry ever released doesn’t mean you have the right knowledge or skills to predict what will happen in the business sector. Besides North American, friends that I talk to, especially from Europe, all tell me that Blackberry is the phone that most people have and if not a blackberry, an android is their substitute. Your prediction seems to be based on what you are hearing from the media (American media to be exact) and not from your own knowledge. If you asked yourself why you went from a Blackberry to an Iphone your answer would probably be because everyone else had one so I wanted one too. Not because you think the Blackberry would become obsolete. You seem one of those pro-American / Anti-Canadian type of Canadians, you know, the worst kind.

    • The Joker

      Blackberry was obsolete in 2007, now its just a joke. Little, cramped plastic keys that fall off, trackpads (lol) and midget screens, not to mention worldwide service failures.

    • gurtej08

      @ The Joker,
      If Blackberry was obsolete in 2007, why does Apple still feel the need to compete in the business market, they should already own it. As to the worldwide service failure, you need to have worldwide service before something can go wrong. Where’s Apple’s worldwide service. Let me know when people outside of the bubble that Apple lives in (America being the bubble) start to give two cents about the iphone. The iphone hasn’t changed since the first one and don’t be shocked when you dish out 600+ dollars for the iphone 5 which probably have a small incremental addition such as being the first iphone that you will be able to wash your behind with.

  • Ronll

    Citrix is already on board with blackberry 10 and more businesses are looking at blackberry for deployment for devicesl And there’s always 2 sides to the story. Secure to a point that it’s jail broken with 30 days after the release???? Developer interest has spiked back….but no one will see those results till bb10 is released. So let’s hold tight and hope RIM will execute a awesome launch.

    • When?

      When is BB10 coming? You sound so sure on it, so you must know when its coming, and please don’t say “later this year”.

    • Ronll

      October/November of this year, they are not able to hit the back to school season. But u can expect the announcement in September. Happy?

    • Dilbury St. Lindowel

      Ronald the 2nd, still not happy. Do you have an exact link from RIM telling me when I can buy the BB10 phones in the store?

      Please advice.


    • Ronll

      Here I’m not no i***t and neither is RIM. I’m no insider and I won’t lie and say I am. But the whole company is on the line and you think they are going to pour millions of dollars down developers pockets, and enterprise software, open new stores, and create jobs (and soo much more) then when October comes they say ohh we have to wait till next year….it’s called connecting the dots. And it was leak which confirmed the October release and makes perfect sense. People like you can ever understand the whole story… so one sided.

    • You Just Wait!

      “Native email coming to playbook in 60 days”
      60 days later,
      “Native coming coming by end of summer”
      End of summer comes,
      “It will be there in the Fall”
      Fall comes and goes,
      March 2012 Native Email finally on Playbook.

      June 2011:
      “BB10 devices coming in early 2012”
      Early 2012 comes and goes,
      “BB10 devices coming later this year”

      You get the idea.

  • When?

    RIM is dead.
    RIM is sooooo dead.
    Come, let us defecate upon their grave.

  • SAM

    O SAMMIE!!!!

  • Sean

    For whomever said that Apple products can no be limited in what they can do yeah they can. Settings -> restrictions -> Installing/ deleting apps

  • Brian

    Damn you autocorrect!

  • JR

    “Regardless of the perception of BlackBerry being a more secure device, I can’t help point out the obvious: if Apple can run Apple using iPhones (one of the most profitable companies in history), then why can’t any other business do the same?”….Who write this stuff???

  • Jason Rose

    If the iPhone 4S really meant business, why are there over 500,000 useless applications? BlackBerry is quite straightforward, a keyboard would be quite a bit more convenient than a touchscreen.

    • Dilbury St. Lindowel

      If the Blackberry really meant business, why are there 0 useful applications?

      Please advice.


    • GrapeApe

      Hey but we all need 100 iBeer and iFart apps, that’s exactly what makes Apple’s 700,000+ applications better than RIM’s…

      .. which logically extends to Windows7 being the best tablet OS since 7+ Million apps for Win7 is better than just that measle 1/10 for iOS. Or does that logic fail Apple f@nb0i when used with regards to their own sacred c0w ?

      I’d rather have 10,000 or even 1,000 goods apps than hundreds of times that many apps that have a much higher crap ratio.

      Like many who have used all four (and more), I find it rare that I find a truley compelling application that isn’t on all 4 platforms, it’s mainly games and entertainment that are an issue on the developng (or fading) platforms.

      But hey, I’m sure those 100+ Poker and other often multiplicated / always duplicated apps offer alot of differentiation to people with nothing else to do than download the top 25 new one to fill their boring days. ;-P

  • Ronll

    Lol……everyone laugh with me. 0 useful apps?
    If you were really smart, why are you posting non-sense.


    • Patrick

      I love my Blackberry and consider myself a very, very important person. I am in charge of monitoring user accounts for a large (5 person) IT tech help desk. Very serious stuff.

      I’ve always said that BBs are tools for serious, professional, power users like myself. I clip my Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 to the belt of my Dockers pants and use it to solve InfoTech issues all day and all night. When I receive an email, people have said I remind them of a cowboy drawing his gun out of the holster during a duel. Sometimes I practice this in front of the mirror. It makes me feel both professional and somewhat “dangerous”. Women like that.

      Now, when I carry my playbook around people recognize me as a power business user and an important person who doesn’t have time for games, just business – a corporate citizen so to speak.

      I need tools, not toys. I need BB10.

      Be Bold!!!!

  • trev

    Getting a blackberry from work because they don’t think iPhones have enterprise. Lol so obviously apple hasn’t gotten the word out to the people that live under rocks. Ya these people are old. I’m getting rid of nexus unfortunately, no need for 2 phones.

  • spikedlemon

    The whole article reads like a terrible ad from an apple fan. Fair and balanced like fox news.

    • RIM Denialist

      You are correct. RIM is a powerhouse, the article is wrong, all wrong, all biased, everyone knows that Blackberries are the best and RIM is still #1.

      Its all propaganda.

  • bummy

    Jennifer Daly! Great to see a new writer around. Great article too, it was a pleasure to read.

    • Jennifer Daly

      Glad to be part of the MobileSyrup writing team 🙂 Glad you liked it and thanks for reading!

  • EdwinSeven

    There is no doubt that Apple has the momentum to take the Enterprise by storm. It has mature, reliable products, a quality brand, a large established developer base and a cult-like following.
    BB has faltered, MS hasn’t got it’s “stuff” together. Android is stuck chasing Apple’s tail. Wait until iPhone5…

  • Robert

    This like asking a bunch of ditch diggers to design and build a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. No matter how good they tell say it is, only a complete moron would actually get on board. Now we have the iPhone, the ditch diggers enterprise phone of the year. You i(diot)Phone people really are pathetic. There is a reason the iPhone can’t get Government and DoD certification, it’s security is a joke, plain and simple.

    • Prop 57

      Hi Robby,

      RIM stock price $145->$11 LOL

      How does that make you feel bud?

      $0 is coming soon!

  • Kategory Kyng

    The classes of phone users:

    iPhone: Cool, hip, friendly and likable.
    Blackberry: Boring cubicle drone.
    Android: 40 year old virgin.

  • 4Real

    Seriously, is anyone not tired of reading yet more biased and unsubstantiated drivel. I mean cm’on, the “common perception” that BB is more secure, and security has become a “relatively small tradeoff”. Ridiculous, uneducated comments that only serve to inflame instead of providing any real insights. I certainly agree that the best technical product doesn’t always win (e.g. Cisco routers), but I for one as a mobile hound with iOS/BB/Android devices, would love to see some real fair comparisons of each as they are actually used in the enterprise space. Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.

    • Joe

      Bang on 4Real …I’m an iPhone user, but do get tired of the constant media diatribe against RIM. I mean why are Canadians so quick to want to crucify yet another Canadian high tech success story (remember Nortel?)? I don’t know much about BB, but isn’t competition supposed to be healthy?

    • Robert

      I think this article is more about getting clicks on the counter, then it is about having an intelligent discussion – the tone of the article says it all. And how many enterprise admins hang around this site anyway? It really is a pointless exercise – like I said “ditch diggers.”

    • Dennis LeBlanc

      With your experience with all mentioned mobile devices, I would enjoy seeing a comparsion article posted by yourself.

  • You want to continue the trend?

    Blackberry is complete garbage, if the product was actually decent then it would be reviewed as such. Its garbage, old outdated trash that no one wants that is why the marketshare has been dropping almost as fast as the stock price.

    Be as delusional as you want, but look where it got RIM. Jimbo and Mickey were delusional for years, now hte company is basically dead.

    • Ron Paul

      First, the title of this article is misleading, it should be Why I Love Apple. Second, How is RIM out of the picture? Their user base keeps increasing every single day, yet people think they are dying. So stocks go up and down, they hardly mean anything in terms of user base. The problem is that everyone here is in a bubble and forgets that all of Europe uses cell phones as well. I recently was arguing with an Apple user that clearly stated he had an iPhone because “RIM sucks”. I asked, Why does RIM suck? I probed this guy for about a half hour and the best answer I got was “because they do.” I feel like a vast majority of people are just cattle following the herd. Nobody really knows, they just like what everyone else has and if what everyone else has is shiny you better believe they will buy one too. Sure Apple is doing great and I have nothing against the product (aside from the perceived obseletion) it is more the people that use the product. They are smug and arrogant and usually can’t muster an argument better then “because” to back up their point. I am not trying to bash Apple users but having worked as a Apple Genius at an Apple store for 3 years I can say some of this stuff with experience. Another thing, 25-35 is the business user of tomorrow? Please. I was working in an office at the age of 20. I would say 25-35 is the business user of today.

  • WirelessLife

    Interesting post. B2B is more than a 2 horse race though now that BYOD is in full swing. As much as execs push to use certain devices, IT still push back b/c of lack of security and management capabilities. Coffee sometime soon to discuss.

  • Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloud

    At BodyBreak we now use iPhone and Android devices exclusively. The blackberries were just too unreliable and slow and poor technology.

    • Brandon

      Why are people disliking this stuff its true, Blackberries are no good anymore, I will never waste my money again on a crapberry…

  • Jay

    I like the comment one of the earlier posters made, in which he basically insinuated that if you do not support RIM you do not support Canada. Is this how pathetic RIM supporters have become? In place of a stable OS and actual product development dissenters instead get insults and weak cries for solidarity and jingoism with RIM devices. Sure the article is biased but RIM is barely in the picture anymore it’s not RIM vs Apple, it’s Samsung vs Apple seeing as they the only 2 smartphone companies with considerable profits currently.

  • poop


  • HO

    …a mApple article made by a sheeple, it’s written all over it, no mention of the other platforms, well, in the next 2 years we’ll c where mApple and RIM are, Android is getting bigger by the minute and WP via Nokia will be a road workhorse on the back of Windows and a company that makes devices with plenty of features and tools.

  • iamkennypowers

    look at nokia’s stock @ $3.20 and you think there going anywhere? NOPE! if youve had the pleasure of using a bb 9900 keyboard you would know why rim isnt going anywhere, touch screens are just the fad right now because its still fairly new but that will soon die out. Rim has BBM, The best reception, best email, tons of great apps and they dont all look like baking trays.

    ANDROIDS > NERDS & GAMERS (and probably virgins)


    • RealityCheck

      If the technical atributes of a product alone decided its fate, Novell would still dominate the server OS landscape. It is not just about technical capabilities, but momentum and marketing. Apple has a solid, though not perfect product, with a great support and app ecosystem that gives it good forward momentum into the Enterprise space. Blackberry has squandered their opportunity in the same way Netware did 15 years ago.

    • HO

      …sire, u should clean up that load of BS rt next to ur mouth, it looks bad…infected…nasty….

  • Pahech

    This article sounds like Apple propaganda. It’s not balanced at all.

  • G -man

    Iphone? The ‘i’is for insecure. As in, “steal what you want.”
    Besides, who wants to hire isheep?
    They take their orders from television.
    ‘i’ for instability.
    ‘i’ for i****s.
    BB for everyone.
    P.S.-Jobs is dead-the book describes the PAST…

    • Blackberry is dead

      Blackberries are for jobless, pimple-faced teenagers

  • TwoPoints

    OK article; great conclusion, but I would like toadd three points:

    -BB fans are WAY MORE loyal than apple fans

    -BUT Only people with a BB NOW, would buy ANOTHER BB in 2012.

    -Only 40% of people with a BB NOW, would buy ANOTHER.

  • SlypeOriginal

    Hi Jennifer,

    Welcome aboard and get ready for some interesting times in the comment section. Kudos for you for replying and apologies for having to take it from the ignorant types.

    While there are some compelling arguments for the iPhone, the single reason why I would never use it for my business is that they offer no choice. It’s their product / software or nothing else.

    I have seen and heard the horror stories about people wanting to deviate from the Mac email client. Heaven forbid if you want to connect to your Mac with anything but an iPhone. I’m not sure exactly where the fault lies in all these areas (is it the software vendor being lazy or Apple trying to push proprietary hardware) but I do know that if you want to go Mac, you had better be ready to fully commit EVERYTHING to mac because you are going to spend months and months trying to get things to work properly.

    I would be a lot more open to Apple if they were more open. Competition is healthy and it is proven every single day. Take a look at the current slew of phones. The iPhone 4S is barely in the top 10 phones and is so far back in areas that have been standard for over a year. Their slow release cycle has caught up with them and while the die hard fans think it is the most technologically advanced phone, ignorance is not a defense.

    Apple has promise but for the people who like technology and like to see it pushed, Apple is no longer the tech to get. Like you said though, it will be the human element that is the reason why it will gain momemntum in the enterprise. Who needs logic when you have a phone that Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardashian use? That alone is an endorsement for 3/4 of the population to jump on board.

  • BB

    can’t wait for apple investors and apple fans to see the truth. Just like blackberry says…it will be coming in the later part of the year. All it takes is one very smart developer to bring apples security down, and one very big investor who pulls out his/her stocks and bam….apple = rim

    • Kyle

      Later part of this year? Or perhaps next year?

      You never known with RIM a dim jim

  • Yeria

    If Apple can run Apple using iPhones (one of the most profitable companies in history), then why can’t any other business do the same?
    That’s because not every company is Apple.

    A lot of IT companies are usually less resistant to changes when it comes to technologies and often times they’re the first ones to do it. Case in point: IBM is trying to go Email free and use a form of IM instead citing work efficiency. They’ve been at it for almost 3 years now.

    Most of the IT employees are tech-savvy enough to not muck around with your laptops or devices. They just KNOW doing what is secure and insecure unlike a typical accounting or human resources department. Because IT people are teck-savvy they can quickly change back to way things were before if they felt the changes were beneficial.

    Now Apple using iPhones is just obvious.. they need to push their phones now. What kind of i***t would issue Blackberry or Android for THEIR WORK? Their employees also know what they’re doing with their devices which means they understand the risk of do’s and don’t do’s.

    When insurance, banks, mutual fund and stock exchange corporations are actively adopting iPhones tell me they’re secure. That won’t happen for at least another decade even if iPhones ARE actually more secure than Blackberries now.

    • 4Real

      Before iPhone, Apple had over 3500 BlackBerries issued to their senior staff. Interesting who they trusted with their data isn’t it? Chew on them apples.

  • uh,, why?

    Jennifer Daly, i dont know why you were accepted to be a writer here, MobileSyrup was awesome enough, not anymore with a propaganda. … … sheep sheep sheep.

  • Matt

    “it gave the Mac brand a personality that won the hearts of computer users everywhere”

    Who was your focus group as they are obviously i****s. No one, I mean no one I have ever talked to has liked these ads. Event the mac users I know disliked them. They were pretentious, they lied through omission and they grossly misrepresented both brands.
    If you are going to state something like this, you have to provide evidence.