Huawei U8651 released by WIND for $149


  • PkaTka

    Dads and Moms I think I found a perfect phone for your kids!

  • Jimmy

    Upgradable to Android 4.0? Those 4 software buttons on the front looks very familiar.

  • TH8MA3

    Wind FTW ! So many high end smartphones to chose from !

  • Eric V.

    I would be interested in seeing a review of this device. I took a Public Mobile Android for a few months and eventually went back to one of their talk and text phones because I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Public preloads so much junk on their phones (including that ultra-annoying Easy Wifi utility) that there is very little usable storage space on the phone itself, forcing you to put everything on the SD card, but not every app plays nicely on the SD card. I also found the build quality of their UMX phones (i.e. the Max) to be somewhere between horrible and deplorable.

    WIND would do well to offer a SOLID entry-level phone and they would have my business if they did.

  • Vito

    “This Android 2.3 device could possibly be the lowest price Android device on the market at $149 outright (or $0 on the WINDtab with either the $25 or $40 plan). Public Mobile has Wind beat with their $100 Android devices, regardless”

    I guess it’s not the lowest priced Android device on the market then…

  • Pablo Moses

    Good to have an affordable Android phone!

  • Big 3

    thats a pretty decent price and a good size for a smartphone. higher end devices from other companies are just too big

  • Vineet

    Mobilicity is offering Galaxy mini for $99. So, Huawei U8651 from WIND is not cheapest Android phone.

  • Radar

    I think this phone will do well for $149 or $0 on Windtab. Clear it is not a high end phone, but many people don`t need these $400-$600 phones.

  • Tech

    MOBILESYRUP where do you get your info from???geeeeezzzzz…

  • ToniCipriani

    Virgin Mobile Galaxy W is still better at 29.99+150 tab at FS/BB. At least it doesn’t have an ancient ARMv6 processor like this piece of garbage does.

    And it’s compatible with WIND/Mob as well after unlocking.

  • Keith Z-G

    Wind Mobile themselves have it “beat” in price by other Android devices, specifically that Huawei Fauxberry at $135, and the Alcatel (while it lasts) is currently $100.

    Having handled the Astro—err, I mean U8651…maybe we should just call it the T-Mobile Prism and be done with it?—it’s surprisingly not terrible for a cheap Android device. It’s nearly stock Gingerbread, with the only immediately visible additions being a set of quick buttons for wifi/bluetooth/etc in the notification pulldown much like TouchWiz and a number of programs add (I’m sure it’s some existing app, but I’m more of a N9 guy myself these days so I’m not sure). You can tell the screen is cheap as the colors are quite off and there’s quite a big gap, but in my initial testing the battery seemed decent and there wasn’t much slowdown in the UI.

    All in all, it’s certainly a budget phone, but for once it seems like you might get exactly what you pay for. As a sidenote, it’s a bit hilarious that it’s on 2.3, while the LG-P999 (ie. Optimus 2X) is still stuck on 2.2 on Wind. Someone’s seriously dropping the ball there; obviously the P999 has far better hardware, but for half the price you can get an Android handset with a newer OS version.

    • pkz

      the lg opt 2x is getting updated to 4.0 check lg list of upgrade devices its on there

    • Keith Z-G

      pkz, you misread me; the LG-P999 already has an update to 2.3 even, but the Wind variant is still stuck on 2.2, so regardless of LG’s announcement of the 2X getting an upgrade to 4.0 (which I’ve heard about, but am not so sure is certain; it only has 512MB of RAM) if the WIND 2X hasn’t even gotten the upgrade to Gingerbread yet, it seems foolish to assume it’ll get the upgrade to ICS.

  • serpico

    Why would you need a new phone for a weak coverage ?

  • cheenachatze

    With a 3.5″ capacitive HVGA screen, this is a decent entry level Android that is actually usable. Why did it take Wind so long to offer this?

  • 3df

    I like it in red. Swappable back covers according to the website.

  • T1MB0T

    More Huawei garbage!

  • iamkennypowers

    too bad is says “HUAWEI” & “WIND” on the back. Holy.

  • TKG26

    tempted to buy one without mobile service just to give to my kids to play with. They love my htc desire which im handing to them as soon as i upgrade. This thing for 150$ outright would be great for a wifi media play for the kids(8 years old) They love playing the android games

  • aregularonhofo

    Not as crappy as the phone Mobilicity is offering, however the Huawei U8651 will work fine on Wind’s better network and for low end users it’s actually not bad for the price. However, if you can afford it I’d move up to the Windows phones as both of mine work great and mesh well with almost everything…different Androids have different results and it’s obvious now by the unified contruction of Windows phones they may be better suited for this new entrant. I am amazed that so far there have only been small issues and most were fixed with the latest up-dates.

  • pkz

    you can get the telus lg optimus one prepaid on the same os 2.3.3 when its onsale for 99$and its still a better ph and just put and sim unlocked .

    but i like the look of this one , it’s about time had something new and inexpensive

  • Cygnus X-1

    Wind logo looks like an a*s!

  • iamkennypowers

    because the wind logo is arabic, how do people not understand that

    • Radar

      I dont think so Wind Mobile Italy is arabic 🙂

  • Sam

    To: pkz
    I don’t understand when you say to check out the Telus lg optimus one prepaid for $100. Telus and Wind use different systems/frequencies. How can I buy a Telus phone and expect to use it on Wind (or Mobilicity for that matter)?

  • aregularonhofo

    You guys are too much, Orascom who owns Wind Mobile companies in Europe/Asia/etc is run by a Christian Arab from Egypt and many of the companies have new investors now where some markets were sold/resold…a good example is Wind Mobile Canada who was originally bought by Orascom in 2009 (where the actual board/stock holders are from all over the world) sold to Vimpelcom/Telenor (where the main board is from Russia/11 Nordic sectors/Europe) in the merger. This does not make Wind Mobile Canada an Arab company and by insinuating this “iamkennypowers” is an obvious TROLL. Furthermore, the Supreme Court of Canada have established that Wind Mobile Canada is legit, even though they had one large investor and probably more Canadian than Mobilicity/Public Mobile where many investors are a hidden issue…the Arab crack has nothing to do with the phone in question or discussion. Kenny is just a Mobilicity Fanboy, anyone who claims to get flawless service with them is a clown and the bottom line is Wind Mobile is better while growing/expanding…the other new entrants are dead in their tracks.

  • Steve M

    I have this phone from Wind Huawei U8651T. I purchased for $150.00 and use the 25$/month plan. This phone is actually a great phone if your a little tech savy. First thing I did was root the phone, remove the wind garbage and custom the startups to speed it up. The next thing I did was install a custom keyboard (Swiftkey works best on this device). It has great battery life when rooted 3-4 days, great wifi speeds (wireless N) and 3g data. I downloaded system tuner pro to manage cpu speeds and upped min frequency to 420mhz and max @ 600mhz (normal speed). I also downloaded go launcher for a better home screen and app view and allows for folders like the new operating system.

    • Be

      What is your option on the hot spot? I’m a tablet user looking at phones that I can connect with.

    • gill

      hey steve,
      have you figured out a way to get the text message notification to vibrate? i can’t seem to get anything other than a ringtone on it no matter what i try!

    • gill

      also – did you get a microsd card? how much memory would you recommend? thanks! 🙂

  • Steve M

    So remember if you get this phone.

    1. Go Launcher (Google Play)
    2. Swift Key Keyboard (Google Play)
    3. System Tuner Pro (Remove unwanted startup apps, up cpu speed) (Google Play)
    4. Root the phone before installing System Tuner Pro
    5. Download and install Juice Defender Pro to double your battery life. (Phone must be rooted for this to work properly)

    With these few updates this is a great phone, without them its very tough to use and can be an annoyance.

  • Joseph Frishkopf

    This phone is really really good. Why are you guys so against it?. All a phone really needs is to be able to call people. It doesn’t need games or anything. A good phone to me is a phone that is able to call. Most people, Are using phones for games I really can call a phone a game system because that is really what it is used for now-adays. You guys are pretty stupid.

    • Fuzzypeaches!

      I totally Agree bro People really don’t know what a phone is anymore.This phone is good Really good.