OPP issues warning on Sexting: “Once it’s out there, you can’t get it back”


  • Rio

    lol This is funny.

    Me and my friends recently found a bb with ‘pictures’ on it, guessing it was the persons gf.

    We were nice and didn’t distribute them, but good advice. You never know whats gonna happen to them pics once they are sent.

    • Kenny

      Pictures or it didn`t happen.


  • MrMarvelous

    I’m a victim!

  • Betty Koyle

    rims fault

    • JDX

      @Betty, you’re one ignorant fool. You could have sent a explicit picture or message with a regular phone not just a smart phone. If you’re such a fool, go blame EVERY single cellphone with messaging capabilities.

      This so called “sexting” is a choice of individuals.

    • beh

      How can it be RIM’s fault? Really? And think a little, BlackBerrys are known for having the best security on a smartphone.

    • Mark

      Gentlemen, I think Betty trolled you. A two word troll and you react with such vigor? Please turn in your internet access cards as you leave the door.

    • Yoh

      There is a fine line between stupidity and trolls.

  • Wildspin

    Smart devices for dumb people … what do you expect? LOL

  • mark

    Sexting, that’s something I like to do.

  • Nade

    Sexting? Desperate|You’re 16; Either Or.

  • EmperumanV

    Lesson learned – don’t send those kind of images/texts in the first place until you hear “I told you so!”

  • Kenny

    Two words… Self-Shots… hot uninhibited girls taking pictures of themselves nekkid… I can`t complain.

    The best part is when they complain about finding their photos on Tumblr or something… how about this… don`t e-mail or text or upload your private photos to the interwebs!

  • Daniel AJ

    Who is OPP?

    • Bill

      If you’re on a Canadian website, you should probably know who the Ontario Provincial Police are… I don’t even live in Ontario.

    • Daniel AJ

      Thank you, Bill, for pointing this out. I live in NS and had no idea that OPP on a mobile industry website would stand for Ontario Provincial Police. Methinks it should have been spelled out at the beginning of the article once. Besides, I’m surprised that the police has time to issue “warnings” like these. Tu felix Ontario. 🙂

  • NUTZ

    Why are the Highway Ticket Cops woried about sexting???


    OPP are a joke, their Not even real cops lol. Their only highway ticket officers like metor maids lol. So why are they wooried about sexting. Sexting is cool anyway. How else are two consenting adults suppose to have foreplay??? Man people need to start getting into the year 2012 and not be stuck in the 50’s lol. Who cares what pictures go where, just don’t include your face in the pictures just your body, no one will know who you are by just your body with no face.lol. God this isn’t a muslim country, who cares about sexual acts. People are free to do what the hell they want, this is Canada we have freedoms unlike a muslim country. And we sure are not communist either, so who gives a rats a*s.


      Actually OPP are more strong than regular cops and they have higher authorities, just FYI..the case here is not about religion, the whole thing is to protect teenagers from sending pictures and then they end up on the internet and it might cause a huge issue..

      From your comment you seem to be a naive TARD lol u went on and on talking about a religion but you forgot that all the religions are the same..they forbid any s3xu@l act…probably u r an inbred cracker.. lmao

      You just want to see the pics u pedo perv..

  • Jesse

    “Once it’s out there, you can’t get it back”

    Sounds a lot like virginity or before you get some kind of STD. Fitting.

  • Cerealkiller

    You down with OPP??

    • Cancuckle215

      Yeah you know me!

  • grekoff

    Okay, is anything criminal going on here? Why is the OPP getting involved?

    Is the OPP concerned about sexting while driving?

    Which part of the criminal code covers “shame” and “embarassment”? Sharia law?

  • somebody

    Keyword ..“Once it’s out there, you can’t get it back.”

    Its not criminal or Maybe its not law now, but OPP is warning you to protect your own safety, and save you from later regrets.

  • JustMeAndMe

    it’s just a big overrated bubble.

  • Cerealkiller

    Yeah,it just sounds like a warning or “heads-up”,to be cautious.Why people freaking out? lol anyways haha@cancuckle nice!

  • Jamie

    I don’t know why we have so many “special people” on this form but the OPP police many communities, not just the highway.

    The OPP are warning people and mostly teens as this is a concern in the newer generation of children that has led to cyber bullying and exploitation.

    “Teen” doesn’t mean a 19 year old (legally an adult). So for the younger teenagers that have engaged in this “sexting”, they can be under age. This would lead to a criminal charge of distributing child pornography to someone who takes those pictures and distributes them online or to others.

    So yes it can be illegal, some of you need to give your head a shake with your comments. I’m pretty sure your attitude would be different if you had a 13 year old daughter doing this.

  • Crown att

    There has been ongoing waves of crackdowns by police in Ontario, and all Canada for that matter, charging many MANY people with “cybercrimes” and getting warrants to raid their houses of all electronic devices (ipods, cameras, SD cards, USB keys, PVRs, HDDs, the whole nine). SEit (search engine it)!
    Then extra charges are laid if they find anything mildly incriminating. Whether the charges are bogus or not you are still taken into custody, charged, put on a database, and have to face a bail hearing, then prove yourself not guilty of “mens rea” (yes, you can now be convicted of thought crimes in Canada), in a process that takes about a year.
    OPP is warning the public now because bill C30 will likely pass; meaning no judge issued warrants required to search your electronic devices if suspected of mens rea.
    All we need now is for them to take your DNA upon arrest (not conviction), like they already do in the UK.
    So be smart people and use 256AES on all your devices or don’t sext.
    I already know two people this occurred to, one serving time and one in the process now. And yes, they have charged young offenders already.

    Oh Canada.

  • Cody

    People should know this before sending. Simple.