Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 coming to MWC?


  • Dalex

    Sweet! Personally I want a 7 or 7.7 inch tablet with the S-Pen, ICS and a Super AMOLED Plus HD Display. Preferably something 500$ or less.

  • Deutschlaender

    please let this be true!

    also with tegra 3 and a microsd card slot (and ideally without touchwiz :P)!

    I’d sell my prime for the this then!

    writing with a stylus on a bigger screen make sense anyways!

  • Croak

    I’d rather not imagine it being Tegra 3 powered. I think history is about to repeat itself, and we’re going to find out just what a low-rent SoC Tegra 3 is compared to the upcoming TI and Samsung designs.

    • Kennedyk24

      It’s easy to say Tegra 3 is low rent and all that later, but at the moment it’s the fastest, most efficient thing ON THE MARKET. if you walk into a store right now, can you get anything better???

  • LongDongSilver

    Sweet, a 10.1 inch phone!

  • Peacenik

    So we are going back to the stylus crap?

    • Guy

      Not everyone is some mindless child buying a tablet so they can swipe and play angry birds. There are many things a fine stylus beats a fat finger at.

  • EvanKr

    Nice! Unfortunately, it will probably have Touchwiz, which is a pain in the @$$ to remove. Otherwise, excited!!!

  • Aiden

    Really I just bought a Galaxy Note -_-

  • user

    I AM SOLD!!!

  • Wild

    Considering that a large part of the N American baby boomer generation is aging and with with reduced eyesight this Galaxy Note 10.1 may be just the thing seniors will want.